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Konne purred for the first time!!!!

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Ahhhh, what a wonderful sound!!! Konne purred for the first time for me yesterday.

Konne was feral who has been living in my backyard for 2 years. This summer, she showed up with 3 kittens. I trapped them all and fixed them, and vaccinated them. Now they are living in my bedroom until Spring.
Kittens have been purring for a while whenever I pet them. But I never heard Konne purr. She accepted petting much later than kittens did. I knew she was enjoying my love, but never heard her purr. I started to assume she is purring silently.

Yesterday, I was having petting session for Konne as usual, and I heard her purring for the first time!!!
It was such a blessing!!! She is finally becoming comfortable enough with me to purr!!!!

I hope they will come to me for love in the near future.
Right now, I approach them to pet. Sometimes they run away but often times they enjoy it.
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Ah, such sweet music Congratulations on making that big step in your bonding
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Concats!!! I am sure you are very happy .. way to go! It sure feels good to know that you are slowly gaining trust.
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Yay! I know how it feels. Holly, the cat I rescued off the streets in May 2007, did not purr for three months. It was very difficult to bond with her because she was so feral and always hung out under the bed. However, one day (after undergoing surgery for an abscess), she started purring. Now she purrs all the time and you can hear it from far away!
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i love it when my kitty's purr
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Aww! Bless her little cotton socks
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Woohoo!! It's such a wonderful sound, isn't it? It took my Callie-bug 2 years of living with me before I heard her purr. Before that, she would meow silently and I'd have to put my hand on her side to feel the purr vibration.

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Konne is definitely more comfortable with me.

She punched me in the face today.
I was going to do nose greeting with her and she was not ready for it yet.
It was good thing she didn't claw me!

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