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Access Denied?

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When I try to get into The Cat Site from my computer at work, which uses a netscape browser, I get a message that says "Access Denied". This is a bit unusual, I have never seen this before, and thought that there may have been something changed on the server that made this happen. Anyone else having problems? (not that we would know, because they would not be able to get into the site to tell us).
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It did that to me too. You have to enter your user name and password once (Login) and from then on, you should be okay. TCS just needs to recognize you as the user.

I think that's what it may be but...I may be wrong.

Are you still able to open the TCS site? I was able to but just couldn't participate in the forums.

Try that....
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If cookies is not turned on, you have to log in each time if you want to post.

If the problems persist, let us know though.
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This has happened to me 3 or 4 times in the last couple of days,I e=mailed Anne,she said she did't know of any problems on the cat site,there sounds like there is.I found out if I shut of my coumpter for a little while ,when I come back it is usally ok.I thought it was my coumpter.
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Its not a problem of logging in. I get a blank white screen, with just those two words on it. I have had to log in a couple of times lately, that's no problem. This does not even get the page up.
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hmmmm.... somtimes it could be internal. Is it possible that Internet access is being blocked at your work? If not, maybe have whoever takes care of the internet to check your connection/server. It may be an internal problem. I think if it was TCS, we'd all be experiencing the same problme at the same time. Not sure though....
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Sammie5, when work installed a new firewall, it blocked all the websites I used - even those for work! I had to submit a list of websites to which I wanted access to the M.I.S. Department. The problem you're experiencing sounds more along those lines than a problem with TCS, although I've had problems over the past few days, that was never one of the messages I received.

Hope you get the problem resolved - we wouldn't want to miss you here!
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