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Funny Cat Stories anyone??

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Im not sure if there was already a thread like this... but im starting a new one if there was! lol.... so the deal is.. you gatta share funny stories about what your cats have done... Ill start:

So this story has more to do with my mom... but Beauty our old cat was a part of it... So Beauty use to like hanging out and sleeping in the dishes cabinets, my mom went to grab a plate one day and opened the cabinet door and my mom FLEW across the room!!! She wasn't expecting Beauty to be there so Beauty "casually" scared the crap out of my mom!!! That story never fails to make me laugh

So I was sitting in my room watching a movie one morning and as im sitting there focused on the movie I heard a big bang and from the corner of my eye I saw a black object by the window on the other side of the room... but I only saw the black for a split second. I got up looked outside the window but nothing was there.. so I went to the back door and sure enough King was sitting there waiting to come it but he looked a lil funny as if he just hit his head... The cause is still unknown to this day but for some reason King decided to jump 4ft just to hit a closed window that had no ledge!! lol the curtain on that window was even closed! ((its a cream se through color))

So those are the only ones I can think of right now but im sure they'll be more soon... now your guys turn!!
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This is a story I had my mother cracking up over and I'm sure many can relate...

Last night, I felt bad for Seamus because I came home with a bad headache, slept for three hours, hit the computer for a while, and then went to bed... so he didn't get much in the way of attention except laying with me as I napped... So I go to bed, and every night without thinking, Seamus gets two treats at bed time... that started when he was pouncing on and biting my feet... I would say "No" he would obey and get rewarded... then it became a requirement... Well, last night, I forgot... so he sat like a good little boy, staring at me with his "I'm a good boy" eyes... and I realize why... so I obey, haha, and he gives me a kiss... and this is where it gets funny... though me obeying my cat is funny enough...

He gets his treats and plops down horizontally on the full-size bed, taking up an entire half of the bed, with his little behind in my face... I'm a tosser and turner when I fall asleep, and the way he was laying, it was impossible, but he had already passed out... do I move him?? NO! I decide to make myself comfortable around him and put my arm around him... he was not having it... got right up and nipped at my hand! Then goes back to sleep... do I yell?? NO! I struggle for 45 minutes, tight in my blanket cause he's on top of it, trying to find that comfy position where I can pass out... all the while, he doesn't move, except when I yanked the blanket, I'd get the dirty look!!

A 13 pound cat gets half a full sized bed as I struggle to fall asleep... and won't even give me enough comfort to put my arm out because he nips at it! I would kick him off, but if I did, he wouldn't come back and if he isn't laying there with me at night, I have a restless sleep, so it's a no-win situation.
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I've been around cats for 50+ years so I have stories galore!

Magnolia was a gorgeous black and white longhair. She liked to sleep with my Dad, stretched along the back of his thigh, on top of the covers. One day I was talking to Mom when I heard Dad "cut the cheese". I looked at Magnolia to see if the sound woke her up. Nope. But a second later, she roused up, sniffed the air, and then gave my Dad such a "look"... She never slept with him again.

Gainsborough, short haired blue, was watching TV with us. Ripley's Believe it or Not, hosted by Jack Palance. The cat was staring intently at an object Jack was talking about, but blocking our view of the TV. I gently asked him to move, but no response. I then got up and touched him to make him move. He shot up like a rocket, spun 720 degrees and took off to another room. Our family never did hear the rest of that episode because we were laughing so hard.
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HAHAHA!!! i LOVE funny cat stories!


i have one


ok so one day, my cat was sniffing around under our couch, and under our couch is an air vent, which happened to be blowing cold air at that time. i was looking for her, and i saw a tail sticking out from under the couch. all of a sudden, we see her back up really fast. she gets this wild look in her eyes, her ears get flattened against her head, and she BOLTS around the house at 100 mph! so funny!!!!!!!!!!

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I have quite a few funny kitty stories. Will pick one for today - of course it is about Pipsqueak rub.gif

Every morning for as long as I can remember when I go into the kitchen to clean and fill water bowls, Pipsqueak sits right by the sink and supervises. As I start to walk away to put the bowl over on the floor mat, he quickly nips the back of my arm and gives me a swat as I start to move away from the sink. laughing02.gif Sometimes if he misses, he will run to the other counter and get me as I walk by that way. He is just a very ODD but funny kitty and my life is so much fun with him in it. clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif
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