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Vibes for Lucky's spay

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Lucky is getting spayed tomorrow. I am nervous. I don't know why I just am, I could use a few vibes for Lucky.
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I was really nervous too. I felt so bad when she came home because she was still woozy. But the next day she was back to herself. Vibes are coming your way!

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I know how you feel, Chloe is being spayed on Jan. 29th. It of course has to be done, but having her under anesthesia (sp?) makes me nervous.

I'm also really hoping she doesn't go into heat by then (she'll be 5.5 months at the time she is spayed, so it's a possibility).
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i know exactly how you feel
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She'll be okay! I know the feeling though

Vibes for Lucky's spay!
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Many vibes for Lucky's spay
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
For Lucky going all right ! please keep us updated about it!
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I just dropped her off at the vet's. I can't pick her up until tomorrow afternoon. I thought I would be able to bring her home later today.The vet says he prefers to keep them 24 hours, to make sure there are no complications. I hope she isn't too scared, I have had since she was a few hours old.
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Sending lots of vibes!

for you!
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Good not scary experience for your baby!!
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I would want her home, too. Hopefully she will still be under her anesthesia and will sleep the rest of the day.
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Awwww, I am sending many calming vibes for Lucky...when will she be out of surgery, will they call you?

I cried bringing Trout for her spay
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I called a few times she was out of surgery around 11am, she is doing well and sleeping. My Dh is laughing at me, relax she's fine, I know it's just me I am a worrier, when my oldest was a baby. she had to be in hospital for 5 days, I slept in the chair beside her crib.
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