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for those of you that have had your cats spayed - were they given antibiotics afterwards?
I had my spayed last friday, but I had to do it at the Humane Society instead of the vet - it was a $400 difference. Well, now Macy has diareha (like liquid poop!). It could be because I introduced new food 2 days ago - and I messed up and didn't do it the right way by mixing it with the old food. So, I called my vet to ask her advice and she said, "call the place where you got them spayed and ask them, and they are supposed to be on antibiotics" and that was it!! I'm teary right now - what was that about? is my vet mad at me? I can call the humane society but we are just another number to them and they are closed at this time. I am so disappointed. Time for a new vet I suppose.
In the meantime - what should I do about Macy's diareha? SHe is acting fine.
any insight is so greatly appreciated - I'm not sure where else to turn.
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It really could be the new food you introduced but , also the stress from the ordeal and surgery. I found out that stress to cats can make them very ill. I would boil some boneless chicken breast and feed that to her for a few days until her poop hardens up. I also used( but consult your vet first) something called BeneBac. I bought it from my local pet store. It comes in a vial and helps the diarrhea. Usually it is used for kittens that get stressed from being rehomed. It worked great for me. Lots of Luck. Hey your vet should understand about the spay..I also use the humane society pet clinics..Its 30-40 bucks versus the 400. I did not get antibioics for my male that was neutered.
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The vet didn't give me any antibiotics before Snickers spay. But Swannee was put on Clavamox and couple days before her dental. They were two different vets though.
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thanks for the feedback. Is it ok to give my other kitten, her sister, who has been on the same diet and also spayed on Friday (but no diarrhea) boiled chicken too? It is nearly impossible to feed them separately. And should I cut out dry food? That hasn't changed. They usually graze on dry while I am at work from 8 to 5.
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I don't think that would hurt them. It will be their treat!
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