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Anyone else having a problem with Hotmail?

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For the past hour or so I haven't been able to log into my email. I can't sign into MSN messenger either. It keeps telling me that my account and/or password are incorrect. Just curious if anyone else is having trouble with it or if it's just me.
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Yeah my messenger went down not too long ago... maybe they are "improving" it
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I signed into my hotmail about 30 minutes ago .. I had no problem
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I was finally able to get into it about 5 minutes ago. No clue what was wrong but I'm glad it's working now!
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mine's been ok all day!

glad you are able to access it now
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Mine was okay all day too
Working good now too!
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It keeps saying that for my hotmail.
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Mine's on the blitz, too! My brother has tried emailing me several times today and he keeps getting them back as 'undeliverable'. And my messenger just turns itself off, all by itself!
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Mine has been fine too. Sometimes hotmail will go down just for a few people, and it used to do it to me all the time and would drive me crazy.
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For a week or so now I have been trying to correspond with someone on hotmail about gite bookings, and yahoo will not let me send a 'reply' to their address. I have to start a new mail each time, and even then it takes two or three goes to get through. I know Yahoo sometimes has issues with hotmail, but usually I can get through.
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