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Talking Cat

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Jorin just looked up at me and meowed, and it sounded EXACTLY like he said "mama!" I couldn't believe it! He can't meow very well, has just recently started meowing, I think Boo's been a bad influence on him. It was just soooo cute, I had to share it as soon as it happened!
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mama? lol that's too cute!
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Oooooh, that's so cute! Snowball sometimes makes a noise that sounds like "water" when he wants to drink from the faucet. It's a lot like "mama" except it has a definite "W" sound like this, "waaaa-waaaa."

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that is so cool!
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LOL...Sometimes, they do "talk"!

I picked up Max to look out the window at the snow the other day, and she said, "WOW!" I swear, that's just what it sounded like! We were laughing til we cried over that one!
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actually, come to think of it, because Kahu is deaf, we wave at him to get his attention, and that works, and now he waves his paw to get ours - either he will wave or he will dig his claws into our clothes and pull them down so we know hes trying to get our attention. its so cute!
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Loki also makes a sound that is similar to mama - his is MA A and he also does the pulling on the clothes thing. I love my little baby boy (he is 3yrs old)!!!
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My favorite is our cat's "Wheeee!" when he's playing hide and seek with me or sliding across the wet floor. He's an extremely vocal cat.
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Wow! Nakita must be vocally challenged since she has never said anything sounding like the english language!

She doesn't meow that often. She does more chirps, moans (like a kid being told to go to bed early!), and cackles!

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Originally posted by jcat
My favorite is our cat's "Wheeee!" when he's playing hide and seek with me or sliding across the wet floor.
Great visual image!

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Kass, I have one of those kids, so now I'll always imagine Nakita going "Awwww!"
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When my children were 4 and 6 they were outside with the outdoor cat. I had the windows up and heard "YUM, YUM, YUM" It was that clear and I thought it was the kids. Then I heard them laughing and running inside excitedly.

It was NOT the kids, it was the cat. It had eatne a baby mouse. Everytime it would find baby mice it said "YUM, YUM, YUM "

People that knew us all came to see him.
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