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Cute kitten picture

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Hey guys
I thought I would share a picture or two of the kittens. They are getting so big and so cute. This little guy loves to play. They are 4 weeks old today.
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One more
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Sweet Lap Leopard!
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How wonderful! I want the marble babe. Can I have?
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Awwww.......... How cute!
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Oh! They're both so sweet!
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What beautiful babies!!
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Far too cute for their own good
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Thanks everyone!

I am sorry he is sold. I would love to give him to you because I know he would have a good home. I actually do not have any kittens from this litter available. All of my cuties are sold and will be going to new homes in April. I will miss them.
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How could I miss this thread!!! Bad Kass!!! Nakita distracted me, yeah, that's what happened!

Oh, so cute! How could someone resist that little creature!

If you haven't guessed it by now, I love bengals!

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cool kitty
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More pics please - we want more pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone!

As a request for more pictures here you go.
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awww sooo darn beautiful! I want one!
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I am so jealous I don't know what to do with myself....HOW CUTE!!!!

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