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URI that won't go away...

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Hello All - My poor baby has had an URI since mid December. He has been on Zithromax which did nothing and is now on a round of Zeniquin. His eyes are also infected from it and he is on eye ointment 3x day. He is a persian and is prone to these URI's, but he has never gotten one this bad. Poor little baby's nose is so stuffed up, I know he must be uncomfortable. Has anybody experienced this with a URI that won't go away? I just want him to have some relief... I do have a humifider running for him 24/7 so I'm hoping that helps, but I don't know.

I haven't been on the board in a while... I hope everybody is doing well.
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I have with Coco before but she has Asthma too. Her Infection was so bad it took the pigment out of her nose. Her nose used t be all black but know it ha alot of pink in it. She had real thick green and yellow stuff coming out and she coughed alot. She had Clavamox then Orbox and that worked. The Clavamox didnt. I hope your Cat gets better,
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I talked to my vet this morning since Simba isn't getting any better. She said that he could be resistant to the antibiotics we have tried since he's been on both (Zithromax & Zeniquin) so many times before. She wants to try an injectable antibiotic for a week. I have to go in tonight with him so she can show me how to give the shot. She said if there is no improvement by next Friday he will have to come in for an x-ray of the skull/nasal passages to rule out any polyps or blockages. Sigh.... I pray am going to be able to give him this shot twice a day. Poor baby is going to be so tired of being poked and proded. Between the pills, shots, and eye ointment, I'm going to be housebound. I'm so glad it is the weekend...

Please let me know if anybody else has had any experience with the injectable antibiotics.
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I haven't had any experience with URI's that were that severe so I can't offer any advice, but I just wanted to let you know that I hope your vet can find a way to treat your furbaby and that everything turns out all right..

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I never gave them myself so i can not help you. The Vet gave it and it lasted 2 weeks. It was just one Shot and that was years ago. I only know how to do Sub Q's but not shots.
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