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Olive is growing up :(

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Why can't they stay smaller longer? Luckily she still has all her crazy kitten playfulness!!

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simply beautiful
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That is one beautiful kitty!
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awww she is very pretty :-) ..
yes they all have to grow up unfortunately...
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She is absolutely gorgeous!!
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Ahhh, what a cutie-pie!
I've noticed the growing thing with my girl lately too....
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What a GORGEOUS girl... I LOVE that first pic
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She is beautiful!! I remember how I sad I was when I realized my Isaac & then my Maggie were growing up. Especially with Maggie. I knew I would not be getting any more kittens any time soon, so her first birthday was hard because she was officially "an all growed up girl."
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Look at that tail! She's beautiful. I can totally sympathize; my "baby" is now almost 6mo. and looks like a full grown cat But he's still my baby boy, haha
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You're not the only one who misses the kitten-ness.. but they are also very cute when they are grown up.
Olive is very purrty
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My goodness, she is gorgeous!

She reminds me of Ferris (Gingersmom's boy)
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she is really pretty.
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Gorgeous puddy-cat!!! And yes, it's sad when they stop being little babies. But they never stop being YOUR babies!
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What a stunning girl she is. I cant believe how quickly she has grown.
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she's still a gorgeous baby... sadly they do grow up too fast...
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She is absolutely breath taking!! I love her big fluffy tail!! And yes it is heart breaking when you realize they are getting bigger! I noticed yesterday that Zeek had grown bigger since we got him. It will be a month tomorrow! But it is also fun to watch them grow and become even more beautiful!!
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Thanks for all the comments! Thanks for helping me remember that the best is yet to come!
I've always said that kittens are cute, and the grow into gorgeous cats. Puppies are cute and they just grow into dogs.

*btw I do have a dog, but as much as I love my dog, I will always be a cat person!!
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