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new dad worries

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hi, my cat sneezed this morning. i think it was a sneeze. i made an appointment with the vet for the 28th. i adopted my cat this past saturday and it was recommended that he see the vet. the first visit is free. should i be concerned? also, i made a silly mistake. i used large softpaws on a medium sized cat. my cat is a little skinny minnie. they slid on fine. they aren't huge on him or anything. he stopped biting them after about three minutes, so i'm thinking he's fine.
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Hi and congrats! Sneezing and mild cold symptoms are quite common when bringing home a new kitty. Esp the sneezing (the cats adjusting to a new home, different dust and enviroment)....nothing really to worry over unless cold symptoms really come on and you'll know you need to take him in sooner. The vet appt for a checkup is a good idea and being free never hurts either!
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Congratulations - and, believe me, I know about the new parent nerves!!! I agree that things are probably fine, unless the sneezing starts becoming continual and frequent, or if you see any nasal discharge (just like people, I've been told- yellow or green, call the doctor!) But if your baby is eating, playing, and using the litter box ok, you're probably fine

My vet does the 'new kitten' (or cat) visit exam free too, sort as an introduction to the practice. And it is a good idea to go as soon as possible after adoption.

One suggestin I have is to make sure you know what the emergency hours are - or who and where the E-vet is, just in case something happens late or on a weekend. I did dry runs to make sure I knew where everything was - believe me, when you have a crying kitty in the carrier, that is not the time to be trying to read mapquest!

Again, congratulations!
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I wouldn't worry too much about a sneeze, as long as it's just one, and there are no other symptoms (loss of appetite, vomiting). I got that info from my vet when I just took Cindy in Monday. She was sneezing up a storm in the middle of the night, but she's just fine.
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