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Scotty is still in need of vibes :(

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His UTI hasn't gone away yet, and there's more blood present in his urine. He's still urinating (which means he's not blocked), but I know he's not comfortable. He's on Royal Cannin Urinary SO for felines, but they said that could take a couple of weeks to start dissolving his crystals.

He just needs some healing vibes so he can get back to being himself. The poor baby is just so tired and uncomfortable right now.
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Awww, I'm sure he is uncomfortable! Poor Scotty, get better real soon sweetie!
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Sending lots of vibes for Scotty!
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Thanks everyone. We had lunch at home today so we could check up on him. The amount of blood in his urine has decreased a bit, so that's good. I just hope it keeps going this way. I don't know how much longer my husband can deal with this (or how much longer I can deal with my husband, ).
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for Scotty. A "little better" is better than "not better" gotta be optimistic. Sending lots of love his way for a speedy recovery...
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I hope Scotty is feeling better real soon!!!!
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Lots of vibes are coming your way!
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Get better Scotty
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Sending prayers for Scotty to get better fast.
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Scotty has improved quite a bit since I first created this thread. So far, we have been able to take down the crate (we purchased a dog crate to confine him during the day...we figured it's better than shoving him in a room where he couldn't even see his brother) and he's using the main litter box regularly. The food and antibiotics seem to be doing their job. Also, the vibes and prayers must be working too!

I know we're not out of the woods until he's off the antibiotics and is still urinating properly. *crosses fingers*

Thanks again everyone!!!!! You are all truly appreciated.
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It will take time. Coco finally had a Neg test after 1.5 Months and 6 Bottles of Antibiotics. Last time he took 2.5 Months for her to get better. I am glad your Cat is better,
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Happy to hear your sweet boy Scotty is doing a little better
Heres tons of for Scottys UTI to clear up completely!
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I'm glad to hear he is doing a bit better. that he continues to improve.
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for you and Scotty and lots of healing vibes coming your way
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