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Do cats have one favorite person?

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Matt is always telling me that my boys don't like him. I know this isn't true, but he is reacting to the fact that they all give me a lot more attention then they give him. I have tried to tell him that I think a lot of it is that I am home more but he really doesn't think that has anything to do with it because Trinity is "his" girl. She likes me too, but whenever her daddy is around, she would rather be around him.

Basically, all of the boys are my lap kitties (atleast somewhat) but none of them are the same with Matt. Nemo doesn't really let Matt pet him very much even which is a total difference then how he acts with me because he is constantly asking me for attention. Is there something that Matt can do to get them to like him more or do the boys really just favor me? Do your cats have their favorite person in your house?
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Sylvie and Isabel both prefer me to my SO, Keith.
At first Sylvie loved strictly Keith, but I think that since I was there to help her with her kittens she bonded with me more.
It's funny because he is home more often than I am. He will usually only see them twice the whole day he is by himself!
When I do get home from work he goes to the bedroom and announces to them that their queen is home now, and they both come running out to see me.
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I think it's true to an extent. Wickett will follow us both around the house if we're alone but if we're both home he's practicallu glued to me... and at bed time he has NEVER cuddled on my husband and he comes to be every night for some lovin'. Frankie isn't a big fan of snuggling with anyone so she's on the fence I think. Of course, now that I'm in class till 9pm 2 nights a week she's being a little more affectionate with me when I get home those nights. The first night Matt said she didn't eat her wet food... but I've had her since she was days old and she's now 9 years.
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I have a similiar thing 2 babies tend to stick to me more..and they make a fuss if he picks them up..if I do..not so
my little boy will only visit him if he's eating...but he comes to me to play and be petted.
My little girl will come running to me when I get home..I just yell out..where's my baby girl? and she comes running...
too cute.. but they don't come running to him...
they did one day last week..until they realized it was him and not me who got home first...
way too funny.
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Captain Squishy is without a doubt John's cat. Taco, Sofia and Lieutenant Bear are very much my cats. The others don't really care who's giving them the attention, as long as they're getting it!
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Zoe seems to spread the love around here
She seems a little more partial to me most of the time...I AM the mommy, feed her, groom her, give her treats, etc. If I am gone somewhere and DH is home, he doesn't see her out until I get back. But I am home a lot more than anyone else and she follows me from room to room most all day. She will look at me or come from another room when I call her, but just swishes her tail and acts stuck up when DH does....

She looks to DH for play time...he is the da-bird king! and when he is laid back in his recliner, she always jumps up and sits or naps with him. If he goes to bed earlier than me, she will go alot of the times but sleeps on my side of the bed.

She will sit in the laps of my 2 sons better/ longer than she will lap sit for any of us. She will occasionally sleep on my younger son's bed until I go to bed then she follows me.

Basically she is spoiled to death and doesn't mind a little attention from us all!

If your DH wants more attention from the boys, he could be the treat giver when they sit with him, etc. and play toys with them.
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My kitties definitely have their preferences.

Kuce is definitely my brothers cat, though she likes the rest of us and allows us to pay attention to her. She will follow my brother around as though she keeping tabs on her kitten. She even sleeps with him.

Luvbug - it depends on his mood, but he definitely loves everyone - especially my parents (Or whoever plays and feeds him).

Lil' Jag - definitely my mom's kitty. (It doesn't help they are both born under the same astrological sign.)

My RB cat Sphinx was both mine as well as my dad's kitty.
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Ophelia attacks anyone but me. So, yeah, I'd say she has a favorite person. Then again...she's "special".

Lily hates dad. Damita hates dad. Dorian hates dad. Cow hates dad. Come to think of it, I think only Twitch likes dad.
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My Sunshine loves his mama. He is like a baby doll. Long haired orange and white tabby with an adorable pink nose!!! He acts like a ragdoll and becaus of that, has always been my cuddle buddy. He loves my hubby, but is definitely a mamas boy.

Doolittle, is Sunshines biological brother. He is short haired orange and white tabby. He loves us both equally, but lately has become almost scarely attached to me, to the point that he is trying to keep Sunshine away from me.

Alicia is our silver tabby. She is a daddy's girl. When we went to the kitty orphanage, Sunshine came running up to me as a kitten and literally jumped in my arms, while Alicia did the same thing to my hubby. It is weird, they made their decisions right away. Doo was even ambivalent at that time.
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Snickers likes everyone but she only gives ME kisses.
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