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Stupid Pet Tricks

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After creating my latest weird cat signature, Deb25 asked me if I could assemble a little tutorial to show the rest of you "How To" make your fur babies wink. So! Here I am—This is the first time I have ever created a tutorial, so I hope this will make sense. If it doesn't—well, heck! I gave it my best shot.

All you need is a photo editing program and an animation program. I use Photoshop7 and ImageReady7, but you can accomplish the same task using software other than what I use. I'll try to cover the basics and that should give us a foundation—at least you can see how it's done.

A picture of a cute furbaby will be needed. Open this picture in your photo editing program. This will be your first layer. Start off by making a copy of your original picture. We will need both later.

Select the Lasso tool or the Pen Tool and TRACE around the cat's eyes.

When both eyes are TRACED, create a new layer and fill it with a color. I used white. We need to be able to see our tracing for the next step.

Using the magic wand tool, click on the left white traced eye. You'll see a dotted marquee around the area we selected.

At this point using the selection tool drag the selected dotted marquee to an area on the cats face that has fur. COPY and PASTE this area. Now you have a shape of the eye, that has the cat's coloring—REPEAT steps to do the right eye.

When you are done with each eye...your poor cat will look like this. POSSESSED. Line up the new eyelids directly over the top of the cats eye as accurately as you can. Just eyeball it...LOL!

MERGE your newly created eyelids with the original copy of the cat picture. MERGING means we have created a flattened image of your cat picture—one object.
Remember the COPY we MADE earlier of your furbaby? OK...We need it now. You should have a One Normal Picture of your cat and One picture with the eyes shut. We are only using two layers now.
Eyes Closed:

Eyes Opened:

Final Step: Launch your animation program and tell it to make frames from your layers. Click Play - Hooray! Your cat should be blinking.
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wow, that is so cool, I will have to try that with peedoodle and kahu's pictures!

i have photoshop 7 but i have no idea how to use it.

are there any online tutorials that will help me?
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I don't have photoshop or an animation program!

Oh well!

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Cool - if you have Photoshop7 then you can do it. Did you know that because you have Photoshop7 that you also have ImageReady? It's a Freebee from Adobe. I bet you could pull this little trick off if you get in there and play around. You'll have a winkin' or blinkin' peedoodle and kahu in no time!

As far as tutorials...really if you search in the Google browser..there's a ton out there. I recommend Photoshopuser.com if you want the really cool tutorials. Scott Kelby, the Adobe instructor runs that site.

Russian Blue - you can do this with programs other than Photoshop. I'll have to do some searching and see what's out there. I have never looked before, so I think it will be interesting to find out.

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Kim: I love your new signature, it's so much cuter, and less freaky then the smiling kitties! lol
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how exactly do you layer?
Im having difficulty layering them, and how do you merger?
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In Photoshop...you have a "Layers Pallet"...it should be under WINDOWS>then slide down to "Layers". When you turn it on you will be able to see a thumbnail of your original cat picture. In that pallet you will also be able to create additional layers.
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yea i can see that but one of the layers is just white and beige squares and the other one is the original picture - am i supposed to create the layers first?
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Oh how fun!! I'll have to give this a try! Thank you for making such a detailed tutorial!
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The checker board boxes that you see is your "Art Board" it's just the transparent background for you to build your design.
So yes, before you lasso the eyes...make a new layer.

So you should see your kitty pic in one layer then your eyes on the second layer. To merge them....click the arrow in the upper right corner of the layers pallet window...then scroll down to "merge down." Then the eyes will merge with the pic and you have one layer with a cat with covered eyes.

If that makes any sense. >^,,^<

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