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A baby girl for Nicole

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Yes, Nicole Richie had a little girl on Monday, Harlow Winter Kate Madden. I actually really LOVE the name, but that's not why I've posted here.

My question is more to do with Nicole herself. I feel (and I could be mistaken) that she has changed immeasurably since finding herself pregnant. I feel that these days, she would be a role model that I would accept for one of my children - certainly by comparison to Paris, Britney, Lindsay and such.

She has started a charity that appears to be out of a genuine desire for help those less fortunate (none of Paris' empty promises, here), she has remained low key and has appeared to be healthy and responsible throughout her pregnancy. More so, in fact, the Christina Aguilera, who had a little boy on the same day.

I wonder - do you think it's genuine? Do you think there is actually hope for some of these A-list celebrities, none of whom have managed to do anything good with their un-earned fame? Do you think that Nicole may be one of the first to actually genuinely settle down and be a responsible person who doesn't take advantage of her privilege?

I am inclined to think so, in her case. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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Only time will tell if she has changed. And I am not trying to put her down or anything because I hope she has changed. but its not unheard for new parents to fall back into old habits after the baby is born because of the stress. I know I did. I quit smoking with my first and well all the stress of a new baby, crying, lack of sleep etc by the time he was 2 weeks old I was smoking again. And by the time he was 6 mths old I had fallen back into worser habits. So its not unheard of. But I hope she is able to handle the stress ok.
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I know people can change for the better, I am one of them, but I do feel it is to early to tell if Nicole will continue to be a better person or if she will fall back into her old ways.
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I think Nicole is working on changing, but only time will tell if she will truly turn her life around. It does seem like she is genuine on doing so.
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The jury is still out.
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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
The jury is still out.
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