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Showing off my new babies

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My boy Aslan is finally a daddy. Please let me know what you think of these guys i'm very proud of them. They are all 1 day old in these photos.

Born January 15, 2008.
Dam: Sunbeam Lilyana
Sire: Pendraig Aslan SunFire

I am so pleased with this litter and i hope you guys like them as much as i do. 5 girls, 1 red (or cream) silver classic, 1 cream mackerel tabby, 1 silver mackerel torbie, 1 silver? spotted? torbie and one blue and cream smoke tortie bicolor.

More photos available on my website, link is in my profile.
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There just darling little babies There so sweet when there little.. Congratulations on the litter
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Thanks!! That blue cream with white girl is going to look a lot like the kitty in your signature. I can't wait to see how she matures.

It's been a wonderful couple of days and i just LOVE red and 'calicos'. So it's nice to see a litter full of them. =)

Here's the proud papa at 10 months old (he's 15 months now).

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Lilyana - she did great having this litter and is such a strong and sweet baby. She's not only a queen but she's my little sweety and just adores me.


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Awwww Can't wait to see more pics!

Siberians are beautiful.
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Thank you! =) We love them. And the added bonus of them being hypo-allergenic is good for my husband who is a bit allergic to cats. They don't bother him at all but when we get to the cat shows he gets all stuffed up!

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Just beautiful. Be sure to share lots of as they grow!
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Just gorgeous! Oh my heart... I just love the little babies!!
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I them babies!! Please post more pics!!
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Very cute babies!
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awww they are soo adorable!!!
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Awww, those babies are adorable and will be gorgeous just like mom and dad are! Congrats!!
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they are sooo sweet
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Just gorgeous...all of them
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Your new babies are adorable
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I love the colouring on the second one They are all cuties though
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