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Questions about Cosequin and bladder inflamation

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I have a cat (Bird, 14 years old) who has been exhibiting bladder infection problems, but no infection (clean cultures), no cancer, only blood, has shown up in all her tests and the vet said that her bladder wall felt a bit thickened.
The vet gave me a med-Pentosan Polysulfate 15 mg/ml (1 ml/day)for a little over 30 days that helped (but was about $100 for a month !), but someone is weeing inappropriately again, and I suspect her, of course , since it seems to be her pattern (they all go in for yearlies in a couple of weeks, and I will coax samples from everybody to take in then since it is sporadic, and not constant, like when someone is really "sick"). Bird is also hyperthyroid, for the record, and is on a pill twice a day for that, and was stable at last check.

I have read about people giving their cats "Cosequin for cats" for bladder inflamation, and I was wondering if someone could give me a little more information about it? Pros, cons, flavors (my cats can't have fish...), where to purchase... just basically, anything you could tell me about it. Thanks .
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I do not know anything about that Med but I have a Cat with the same problem. She is almost 16. Coco had a Bladder Infection with Stones in 2006. Then in Nov 2007 she had one again. It took 2.5 Months to get rid of he first time. this time almost to months but she has blood still like your Cat and the test is now Neg. She has the thick bladder too. What has the Vet done for your Cat?
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So far, that med was the first attempt at correcting the problem (before that, we did the antibiotics, until she decided to do a culture because the 2nd round of antibiotics didn't work, and cancer had been ruled out). It worked, but I've got to find an alternative. $100 extra a month is not something I can afford, really, on top of her thyroid meds, the dog's meds, my meds... I'm hoping that this Cosequin is something that will work for her. My cats free feed too, so that complicates things with changing her food.
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Coco has stays out here and when I let the other Cats out I have to remove her Dish. My Cats all eat when they want. Coco is on the C/D and the others Reg food. I have 4 Cats Coco almost 16,Meeko 7.5,Sasha 1.5 and Oreo 4 Months. I just lost my 2 5 year old Cats. Coco had her Urine test Jan 11 and Yoshi had to be pts that day. 100 is expensive. Meeko is so sad since Yoshi and Stormy died. I had to take her to the vet after Stormy died but all her tests were fine. Now she is acting the same way she did when Stormy died. Yoshi was her only kitten she ever had. I fee bad for her. How long has your cat been sick with Bladder Problems?
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Hi - Cosequin for Cats has done wonders for my male persian!!! He started having chronic cystitis/bladder inflammation about a year ago. I switched his food to the Hills Dry Prescription C/D and my vet recommended the Cosequin. I figured it was worth a try. Well... after 2-3 months on the Cosequin I noticed a huge improvement. He still gets a flare up every now and again, but it passes very quickly. You have to give the Cosequin every day. It comes in a capsule type pill, so I just open the pill and sprinkle the powder in with a little bit of milk that he gets every evening. The cheapest place I have been able to find it is on It's very inexpensive. The flavor I have is Chicken; not sure if it comes in any others. It is definitely worth a try.... but you have to give it a couple of months to get into their system before you start to see improvement.
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We used Cosequin for Cats for Raven in 2004. It helped get him stabilized when his Interstitial Cystitis flared up that year. It was used in conjunction with Amitriptyline, Feliway diffuser running, and more canned food in his diet.
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I've been trying out the Cosequin for Chase since he was having flare-ups about once a month (that were finally diagnosed as cystitis). So far he hasn't had another, but it hasn't been long enough to say for sure it is working. I'm hopeful, though. It's been about a month and a half. His is Chicken & Tuna flavor, but I'm not sure it has any actual fish in it since the ingredients just say "Natural Tuna Flavor". I mix it in with his canned food every night.
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Thanks everybody! From all the advice I've gotten, it sounds like it would be worth a shot- I'll let you know how it goes .
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