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Let it snow

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I just took these pictures of our back yard.

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Hope you like the cold!
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i want some snow
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Its snowing here too We are supposed to get about 5", about 2.5" has fallen so far
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It's snowing again here too for the second time this winter season! Whee!
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It's just changing over here. It was pouring and then Noodles and I were standing in the front door and suddenly I was like "Is that...... Noooo! It is!" I hope DH has an easy load today! I hate when he's out in bad weather; though I'm grateful I'm home right now! (And can't leave since we're having work done on 1 car so DH has the other at work.) We're only supposed to get an inch and then it might change back to rain.

Ok strike that! I just got up to check since it's quiet on the roof, and we've now got snow and it's starting to coat the deck and ground out there!
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Send of that snow out here to socal!!
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