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The great escape.....

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Mishka has REALLY started taking an interest in the front door... this terrifies me. We live on a fairly busy street and i would just totally panick if she got outside. I always make sure she is nowhere in sight before opening the door... but she has gotten sneaky. Yesterday she had hidden somewhere and as i was scooting out the door she took a flying leap to try and make the great escape! Is there ANYTHING i can do to make the doors to outside less apealing to her??? My boyfriend works night shift, so he is home during the day... and i stress constantly that she has gotten out the door if he is not quick enough. Any suggestions would be awsome... i just want her safe and sound inside
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I have a cat who is exactly the same way . He came to me at 1 year old and his previous owner had let him out of her house from time to time. I also live in a busy street, and besides, I have signed a contract with my cat's breeder to ensure he is an indoor cat. Caluga (Houdini) is TERRIBLE when it comes to us trying to squeeze into and out of our front door. Twice he has managed to fly past us out of the door and it was only thanks to a couple of people walking past our door that we managed to get him back. By the time we had got to unlock the security gate he had run through the bars and we were still struggling with opening the security gate. I am at my wits end... we have to be so vigilant when it comes to the opening and closing of doors around here. I would also love to hear if anyone has any suggestions .
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Last one out throws a toy to the far side of the room? Or put down a few nibbles just far enough away so that you can escape while she's still finishing up?
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Keep a can of rocks by the door. Every time you go to open the door, shake the can. Most cats can't stand the noise hitting their super sensitive ears and will move away from the source of the noise. It won't take long before she associates that horrible noise with the door opening - and will almost certainly give the area a wide berth every time someone's coming in or going out.

I assume she's spayed and not wanting to get out to find a mate - that instinct will override even the most horrible of noises
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Well, actually she is only 4 months old... so not quite yet old enough to be spaid... but she certainly will be when the time comes
Also... the thing that baffles me, is that she was born in a breeders home who never let her outside either, so its not like she is use to being let out and misses it... i guess it is just pure curiosity.
I will definitely try the can of rocks thing!! I thought about that... but i didnt want to traumatize her.... i suppose a scary noise is a much better option than her getting outside though.... thanks for the suggestion!
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Actually she is plenty old enough to be spayed and also old enough to get pregnant unfortunately. So be extra careful and call around if your vet won't do it for some reason. There are plenty who will. 4 months is 16 weeks, many places will do it 8-12 weeks, but 16 weeks is fine.
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hmmm really?
Both the breeder and the vet told me not to do it before 6 months.... i'm so clueless when it comes to these things!
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Where do you live? I understand that its not done until 6 months in the UK I think... But there are places all over to do it before 6 months, no reason to wait. I have had many cats done at 8 weeks and many done when they were a few years and I see no difference when they grow up. I have 6 cats right now all speutered at different times and they are all healthy, strong, happy cats.
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We used sounds, water bottle, and clapping hands and chasing them away from the door anytime they were around it - not just when you opened the door.

It takes some cats longer to get the idea, but if you keep it up, they will learn that outside it not worth it and is scary to be near the door.
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