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Hmm... palm readings? Do you believe it?

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Interestingly enough, while I was walking down to the humane society to turn in my job application there, a grandma and her two grandchildren were walking in the same direction. The woman asked me to help her with a few heavy bags of groceries she was carrying to her apartment near the society, so I did. The place was literally right next to the humane society! So, I helped her bring them upstairs because honestly, the bags were heavy and she in return offers me a free palm reading. I don't believe in that stuff really, but I let her anyways. She did the ol', "oh you're going to live a long time and have 3 kids". It wasn't until she said, "hmm, seems like you already had the first boy, the next will be another boy and then a girl".
I didn't give her a single indication that I had surrogated a boy before and no one can tell anyways because my body just bounced back to what it was before! That blew me away but I just kept a calm face and nodded my head.
Then she asked for $10 for a deeper reading. I told her kindly that I didn't have any cash on me which was the truth and that I was actually on my way to get a job. She laughed and said "Well, thank you for helping me with my groceries though and bless you." So, I just walked in next door the humane society, ironic that it was right there, lol!

So, do any of you believe in palm readings or such? Any coincidental stories?
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naw, i dont believe in palm readings, or any of those types of things.
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Depends. Last one I had described B to a tee...someone I had already met, dark blonde hair who was thinking of me, but we wouldn't get together until that fall (this was summer). I didn't believe her until it really happen.

I don't believe most though...I'm talking about the ones that claim "Oh you're coming to had a bad day...something bad happened at work today..."

then mentally you start believing it because you're remembering when the printer got jammed and how frustrating that was. So you think 'yeah that was bad...'
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People to charge to read palms, cards, tea leaves etc, have studied people They pick up cues from you because they watch for your reaction:

- things you say
- your body language
- facial expressions

And based on all of that they are guided along.

They start off broad and depending on your reactions they will either start to narrow it down while continuing to watch you for cues that give them hints as to which direction to go. If you show no reaction they change their direction completely.

My friend is an excellent poker player! She had one woman going around in circles.

Don't waste your money! If you have $10.00 burning a hole in your pocket, buy a homeless person a meal, or donate it to charity.
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There are lots of tricks, of course -- but tricks can't explain everything. Nor can coincidence or statistical probability.

But I don't think palm reading, or tarot, or crystal balls, or any of that stuff is genuine, either, though I'm sure many of the readers who use them do. I think those are all just tools that help the reader focus, and the actual information (in those rare cases where the reader is for real) is received psychically.

This lady sounds like she may really have the gift. I'd go back and get the $10 reading... just to see!
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i had something similar happen to me in early december.
There is this cleaner at work and he is highly respected by everyone, i always watched him and said good morning to him as he seemed like a sweet man in his 30's one day he stopped me and shook my hand and took a look at it, he could tell me what origins i had and no one knew at that time, and then he made a bad face and i asked him what did he see and he told me he doesnt want to tell me and hurried off quickly.

When ever i meet a thai woman, they all claim they can palm read and they always tell me the same thing, you will have lots of money, and three kids!
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I don't, the same as i don't believe in tarot cards to see the future.

I believe in spiritualism though
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I had my palm read when I was 16. I do not believe in it though. I was told I would marry a fair haired man, which I did, we would have 2 children, we have one (he had a vasectomy so no plans of another), and we would seperate but get back together again, so far we have never seperated and our marriage is wonderful right now.
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I'm a skeptic, but a coworker of mine really does believe in it. She's even taken classes on how to be better at it, lol. I'm going to make a crystal ball cake for her birthday.
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I was out one night with a friend of a friend, we were at a club with a fair ground theme, and they were offering free palm readings. She got one and insisted it was unbelievably accurate, but when we asked her for details she said things like 'She said I was a free spirit, that I long to travel, and I feel misunderstood'. Not generic at all...

Reminds me of Derren Brown, when he claimed to have psychically 'read' the personalities of a group of people, only for them to discover later when they compared readings, that they all had exactly the same one.
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Here is the story that my grandmother, Ella, told my mom.

Ella knew Benjamin’s sister Sarah. They worked together. One day, after they left work, they dared each other to have their fortune told by a woman who lived on their route home. At first, the woman did not want to tell Ella what she saw, but Ella encouraged her. The fortuneteller placed a blank piece of paper in Ella’s palm and rubbed her fingers over it. An image of a man appeared. The fortuneteller said that was a picture of the man she would meet and marry within a few months. Ella didn’t recognize the man but Sarah claimed it looked like her brother Ben. Sarah told Ella that Ben lived in the next county and Ella hadn’t met him, yet. After they left the fortuneteller’s and continued on their way and Sarah suddenly exclaimed, “There’s Ben! That’s my brother!” He had come into town that day. Sarah introduced them and they were married a few months later. The fortuneteller also said Ella would have two children, but wouldn’t live to raise them.

Yes, Ella had two children. The first one was stillborn. Mom was number 2, and grandma died when mom was 11.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
When ever i meet a thai woman, they all claim they can palm read and they always tell me the same thing, you will have lots of money, and three kids!
I think the woman was Russian or from somewhere in that area.
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Nope - I tried to analyze mine from the pictures in a book - it was wrong on the number of kids so I figured it was wrong on other things
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