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a brush they'll like..does it exist?

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Can anyone recommend a brush to use on cats that don't really like to be brushed. I'm sure many cats don't like it, but they bite at it and make it impossible to do unless I restrain them. I already have to hold them down to clip nails and and clean ears!! I would like brushing them to be an enjoyable experience ...if possible!!
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I use a small brush with small plastic balls on the ends. Some of the brushes that I've seen have bristles that look like a wire cut flat on the ends - it can irritate the skin.
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I use this brand:

To be even more specific I have the fusion brush....20mm oval. Very pricey but well worth it...I use it on my hair sometimes!

I've used the other CCS brushes too and they work just great...I mistakenly bought the Fusion instead of the Gold series.
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two words Zoom Groom
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Funny you should mention that! I have this cheapy brush ($3 from discount store) which has bristles and wire on either side, Charlie doesn't stay still for long enough the brush's very big and clumsy, and he tries to chew on it. It also doesn't really get rid of much fur.

Yesterday i decided to spent a bit of money on a proper brush. A slicker brush. Charlie has short-medium length fur, and it is extremely thick and always malting! I used this on him, and he starts purring straight away, he'll curl up on the chair and let me work him over, no matter how many times i run it backwards and mess up his fur (and give him a mowhawk lol).

The lady who served me at the pet store asked me about Charlie, the brushes are meant for medium-long haired coats, but when i explained how thick and malting it was, she said it was fine. These slicker brushes are also ideal for cats with sensitive skin, the wires are extremely fine, and bent on an angle, it gets right to the skin without scratching.

I just found out they do sell the furminator in Oz, but the smallest brush was $60!! this slicker is $15 (smallest size) and is also used by groomers.

You should get one for your kitty. Instead of trying to bite it, Charlie closed his eyes and lifted his chin, and allowed me to rub backwards up his neck and chin!!! In fact he gets so content that if i stop he gives me one of those looks and follows me around the house till i start again
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I actually bought a cheap brush just from the grocery store...
and both my cats love it!! he comes running when he sees the brush, he rubs himself up against it...and lets me brush him for awhile...
until I get to the belly then he tries to chew it..still funny..
my little girl likes it too..she just purrs away..and walks into it too.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
two words Zoom Groom
\t I have to agree!! My long-hair Sassy, begs to be brushed w/it!!
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I have about 10 different brushes and combs. Riley hates them all equally.

Good luck finding one that works for your kitty
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
two words Zoom Groom
Both of my boys like the Zoom Groom better than the Furminator
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Both of mine lOVE the zoom groom. Once they see it in my hand, they come running. One of mine does not like to be brushed on her tummy though, even with the zoom groom. So I don't push it.

When I first started using it, it helped to talk in a soft soothing voice, almost like when you are petting them, if that makes sense. I still talk softly and lovingly when I brush them they totally relax.
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well, currently i only groom Pixel & Chip - they're the only ones whose hair is thick enough to require it...
Chip doesn't like anything - he'll usually let me comb him, but he doesn't like it!
Pixel actually prefers a hard plastic human comb. i get more fur that way, too. altho she so loves to be combed/brushed, i could probably use anything.
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
two words Zoom Groom
That's the only one my cats like.
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I'm not the OP, but I read this thread because one of my cats has a tendency to get REALLY bitey when we brush him. He doesn't even seem to really dislike it-- it just makes him bonkers.

I bought the Zoom Groom today on everyone's suggestions, figuring it was cheap enough that if it didn't work, no problem.

He LOVES it. We can't do it for more than a few minutes at a time (with breaks for chewing on it, of course), but we can actually brush him. Our other cat, who already enjoyed the Furminator, is even more into it.

It also works surprisingly well. We weren't expecting much by the looks of it, but we got a lot of fur off our cats.
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I bought Zoom Groom! Thanks for your advice everyone! Macy actually let me brush her for the first time, just a couple of strokes...but I'll take that for now! Jassie, on the other hand, who I thought would take to it more, because she loves massages, only lets me brush her for a few seconds. She's been acting weird post-spay, I'll give her some time. But overall...they are taking to it more than any other brush I've tried, so that is a step in the right direction.
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