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Need Immediate Help!

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As I said in another post, Pepper got spayed Monday. Today we have noticed some swelling. It's right under her scar and it's about the size of a marble. It doesn't seem to bother her, but I'm getting worried just because it looks like she has a marble under her skin. Should I be concearned??
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Has she been jumping around or has her stitches gotten wet? Are they the disolvable kind?
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We're tried to keep her from jumping as much as possible, but we both work during the day - we've kept her confined to one room while we're gone, but you know how kittens are.... And yeah, they're the dissolvable kind, but she's wearing a cone thing around her head and hasn't been near water unless she accidently layed in her water bowl or something - but I doubt that... (the scar looks okay, it's just the area underneith it.)
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hmm, yeah I would take her back to the vet to see what's going on. When Snickers was spayed that never happened. So i would get a professional opinion. I hope it's nothing serious though.
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I just called an emergency vet place here and they said that as long as it isn't oozing or doesn't smell funny, and as long as she seems to be resting okay, that we could probably wait until tomorrow. I'll definately call the SPCA where she had it done in the morning - I guess I'll have to skip work tomorrow and I've only been there a week! At least it's a temp job so I can always find something else until something permanent comes up... Please keep Pepper in good thoughts tonight!!!
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Don't worry. I will be sending you some "everything is okay" vibes.
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My sister in law had something like that happen to her kitten Roxy, she had to take her back to the vet and they had to do surgery to remove a blood clot... the scar didn't look bad at all though!

Maybe it could be scar tissue! I would definatly take her back in the morning just to be on the safe side of things!

Good luck!
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How is your kitty today?
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