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Help! Missing fur, behaivioral or medical?

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I resurrected this old forum account because I've been to the vet and am not getting answers. My cat appears to be biting the fur off his hind legs, although I'm not sure if the biting is causing the missing fur or if the missing fur is causing the biting.
I brought him to the vet and tests showed there's nothing wrong with him, but there are some important medical issues that he said aren't related. He's 12 years old, a little overweight, has one flopped ear, a heart murmur, and a benign (non-cancerous) growth on his back. The medical issues I've been told are better left alone (besides loosing weight.)
He's been missing this fur for about a year. The vet said it was behavioral. He sleeps a lot, but also plays a lot, and I think he's a happy cat. He doesn't entirely get along with my other female cat whose 4 years old, but they've been together for the whole 4 years and seem to be tolerant enough. Also, if anything, he's the one who seems to be dominant. I do think he's a bit jealous of me loving her though.
He hasn't had the best past. He lost a playmate he loved a lot about 2 years ago, urinary tract infection.
At night he often meows and runs around. If I don't let him sleep on my bed he goes nuts.
Is it likely that his is chewing on his legs out of distress? I mean, I've seen him wake up from dead sleep to do it. He does it all the time. I don't know what to think.
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It could certainly be stress, but I'd definitely ask for a referral to an allergy specialist, or allergy testing if you vet does it, because the symptom are very compatible with an allergic reaction - and allergies can be to ANYthing at all, and can show up at any age. Often a shot of cortisone will clear it up, or other meds.
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Two of my cats have lost hair due to biting. One was due to flea allergy and the other one has a chronic itch due to a metal put in surgery years ago when she broke her leg.
Your boy may be allergic to something.
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