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Thanks for the make up help...

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Thank you everyone for the help yesterday. I ended up buying some pressed powder today but boy I was still clueless. But remembering what some of ya'll said about the shades did help. I ended up getting Cover Girl Clean. Its supposed to be fragrance free and not suppose to clog pores or cause acne. I had a hard time deciding between Creamy beige or natural beige but decided on getting the natural beige. When I got home I put a patch of the powder on my face and asked hubby if he could tell I had any on and he said no. So I guess I made the right choice.

So once again thank you everyone for the help.
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not seeing it is always a good sign!! I actually use CG Clean pressed powder myself with my Maybelline foundation and my Rimmel eyeshadow and my Avon eyeliner. I'm a brand mixer
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I hear ya katie. Mine goes like this:
CG pressed powder
bonnebell macasra
love my eyes eyeliner
Maybelline eye shadow

Tho I think next time around I will but another brand of macasra. I need one that is truely water proof. Mine says it is but by the end of the day it looks bad.
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That's great you found the right stuff for you I experiment from time to time wiht mine, but my faves are:

MaxFactor colour adapt liquid foundation (sand)
Rimmel stay matte pressed powder (sandstorm)
MaxFactor flawless perfection blush pressed powder (natural glow)
Gosh quattro eyeshadow (baroque)
Loreal lash architect
Rimmel London lipstick (drop of sherry)
MaxFactor silk gloss (luscious lavender)

Normally when i run out of any of these I go and replace them, but it's nice to try something different from time to time. I like to have my "tried and trusted" products, but add a few new ones to the basket when I feel like a treat - usually when I'm off out to a special occasion, say a wedding or a christening or a big birthday.
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