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Depo Medrol/Prednisolone side effects

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I did a search and only turned up the standard textbook list of adverse effects.
My cat, Mikey, has IBD and has been given the injection of depo medrol every 4-5 months or so. It's the only thing that has been successful with treating his IBD. Yesterday was the 3rd time he had the injection and he's not himself today. I don't remember him being like this the other 2 times, but I could be wrong. I wouldn't call him lethargic, just less enthused

I'm going to call the vet tomorrow if there's no change, but I figured I'd throw a post up here to get some feedback from those of you who have had experience with this steroid.

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Depo shot has more side-effects than Prednisone pills. Long term my vet doesn't use Depo injections because they're really hard on kitties. Please, call your vet ASAP in the morning, any slight chance could very well be a big reason to worry.
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My Stumpy was on depo for a few months. It seemed to have a decreased effect on him the longer he was on it. I agree with Natalie - a call to your vet is in order. Stumpy will be on steroids for life with his condition and has been on pred since he went off depo. We are watching him for diabetes. I understand that it can be common in cats with long term use. So far he's been on steroids since about June of last year with no ill effect. We keep our fingers crossed.
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This article
mentions behavior changes among other potential side effects.
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Coco gets that when her Asthma gets real bad. My Vet said she can only have it twice a year because the side effects. He also said wait at least 6 Months before she can get another one. Her last one was in Aug for a Bad Cold and Asthma then she got the Bladder Infection. She has had Pred before too but they dont like to give it often because it can cause Diabetis and other problems.
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