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What a spirit! It sounds like she was trying to tell them I'm better now, lemme go hooooome!
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Emmie is my prayers!...please my friend, keep us updated about her...
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A nother updade. We went to visit Emms today and she is READY to get out of the hospital. We showed up just in time for her excersise time and she is definately showing cabin fever. She wanted out to explore the entire builiding. The doctors are going to limit her feeding by tube starting Monday to get her to eat more on her own. Then she can come home. It has been a long 3 weeks for her and us. My girl nearly died 2 times during this period and also set us back by vomiting constantly. She's done with that and now it
s time to bring her home.
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3 long weeks!! OMG I can't even imagine how much that cost you but its so worth it if she's feeling better!! Im so glad to hear that she might be getting out sometime soon!! YAY!!
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I'm happy to hear that she is doing so much better. Many that her recovery continues to go well.
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So sorry for Emmy. Feline Fatty Liver Syndrome is treatable although it is a fight. Just give her lots of encouragement, love and support. Was she excessive overweight at some point? Was there a sudden change in her appetite before her becoming ill?
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Emmie was not obese, atleast the vet didn't think so. Her sister is much more fluffier but I think it's the fur deception. As far as not eating, since they all share the same feeder it was impossible for me to tell whether she was eating or not. I just assumed they were all eating normally. Things will change from here on out and I will make sure that I witness all of them eating their fair share. Emmie will have her own food dish so I can monitor her more closely for the rest of her life. To this day we can not figure out what happened and why it happened as nothing has changed in our household. I'm just thankfull that we get a second chance with Emms and I will never again take the cats for granted. I have spent soo much more time worrying and tending to my five dogs that I just thought that the cats could take care of themselves being that they are inside and under my feet all of the time, you know, causing kitty trouble. I've learned my lesson.
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It is hard to monitor them all individually - I have the same problem, mostly with Ellie who is too thin and I have to bump her up with extra calories. But I am glad that Emmie is better and that she is coming home at last.
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Her Bilirubins are down from the initial 34 to 3.3. Normal is .4. Emmie can come home this Saturday if all stays well. Her Anemia is still not good but she's eating, on her own, her full doses of food now which is good.
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I'm so glad to hear that she's recovering, and will be home soon, Leah.
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I'm glad to hear she is improving.
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I hope Emmie gets to come home today. Keep us posted.
for Emmie's homecoming.
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wow! i just started reading this thread but i want ot say congratulations! I went throught the exact same thing with my baby girl kismet, she was in the hospital fighting fatty liver for almost 4 weeks. Now that shes been home (3months) she is a little eating machine and we haven't had one setback! She also almost died a coupel times so I believe your baby will recover completely!
good luck and congrats
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