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I have a female that is approx. 18 months old. I adopted her from the local shelter on 2-5-2003.She was or seemed very happy and healthy. On 2-10-2003, I took her for her shots and spay. Two days ago she began sneezing and her eye began swelling with dicharge, although she never stopped eating or drinking and never had dirreah or vomited. I took her to the vet yesterday morning, and he after a one min. look or less said she has distemper and pink eye. She got a shot of amox. a shot of anti-amflimatory, and came home with more amoxil decongestants, and eye salve. I had no idea how serious distemper was, and the vet never mentioned anything other than to make sure she keeps eating. I have been looking up this illness since then and have become alarmed. How do I know if my cat really has this? Is it contagious to people? Is it contagious from friends who come over to take home to their pets?Any insight would be really helpful.
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Although it's possible your cat has come down with distemper, It doesn't sound like the classic symtoms. Usually they become lethargic, there's a loss of apetite,vomiting, and runny stool. By your description, it sounds like one of the upper respitory infections cats can get. No matter which one it is, it's a good idea to keep her away from other cats, and anyone who comes over that has cats should wash up really good and change thier cloths before they come into contact with thier own cats. Most of the kitty "colds" can be passed on very easily.
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In grown cats it can be the respiratory system that is affected by distemper virus. Your vet should have done a test to find out for sure that it is distemper so you can take the the precautionary measures as described by the previous poster. The virus can live up to a year under the right conditions and it is highly contagious and deadly for young kittens. That's why we didn't get a young kitten to replace one we lost last summer to distemper.
I gave our kitten powdered colostrum mixed in her food when she had it. You can rinse your cat's eyes with saline solution to help them heal.
Good luck!
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