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Are they down yet

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So, who all has taken down their Christmas decorations. I did mine about a week ago. They would probably still be up if DH wouldn't have got on me about it.
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Everything was packed up last weekend. The tree decorations came down 2 weeks ago.
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Everything's taken down

Now i just have to motivate myself to pack up the whole house so we can move
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Everything got taken down New Years Eve day.
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NOT ME! We havent had a chance, but we are tonight! YAY!
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Did mine on New Years
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Nope, and you can't make me!

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Originally Posted by Graciecat View Post
Everything got taken down New Years Eve day.
Same here.
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We took our tree down on December 27...only because Tailer was chewing on it (then barfing up the needles) and I didn't want him getting sick while we were gone.

The rest of the decorations I finally got around to taking down and packing up yesterday. And THAT's only because my BIL is coming tomorrow to stay with us and I was too embarassed to still have them up. What can I say? It's been a rough few weeks.
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I took them down on monday, i wanted to keep the tree up because both my cats slept under it and it was adorable, but then i got the kitten and i didn't want him to rip it to shreds.
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mine came down the 5th, as am told it's bad luck to have them up after the 6th!
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Mine were never up
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