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is this normal? HELP!

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Hello all,
Yesterday I had to take Bogie to the vet (he was sneezing occasionally and sounded a little congestion). Turns out he's okay (they did a blood test just to be safe) but since we've returned from our little trip, he's been hiding under the bed, avoiding people, and won't really come out unless to eat or use the litter box. He's behaving the same way he did when I first got him.

I've only had him about a month and he's my first kitty. Is this normal behavior?
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Yes...don't worry! Visiting the vet is a very scary thing for many cats. It is not at all unusual for them to hide for a day or so afterward. AND...since your cat had bloodwork done, it was all the more scary.

Just let your cat hide for a while. If Bogie doesn't come out by tomorrow, then spend a little time sitting on the floor of the room and read a book outloud to him in a nice soft voice. Perhaps sprinkle a few yummy treats around where you are sitting to help encourage him to come out. But, don't push him. He will come out once he calms back down.
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Congrats on getting your first cat!!! :flash: They make such great companions.

When I took my cat to the vet to be neutered he hid. I had only had him for a few months. However he was fine when he had to go in for a urinary tract blockage and came home a week later. In fact, he was glad to be home and didn't want to leave my side. I think that it might be due to the fact that you have only had him a month and he doesn't trust you completely yet. However, that's just my opinion.
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Thank you for your response! I'm new at this so I get really worried when he isn't acting quite himself.
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He probably is just a tiny bit stressed, and afraid that once he peeks his head out he will be whisked away to TED (the evil doctor)

You can help him come back around by sprinkling some cornstarch into his fur and grooming him - to remove old vet smells. Plus when they are at the vets they stress shed and secrete a smell that makes them even more agitated, so the cornstarch just neutralizes the odor.
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