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katie is right, it is a strictly personal thing. only you will know deep in your heart if the time is right.

the first cats i had after leaving home were brother and sister, maisie and sinbad. maisie was hit by a car just after their 3rd birthday. i was not alone in my grief as sinbad became depressed to the point of losing his fur. the vet tried to tell me it was a flea allergy ( sinbad never had a flea in his life) but 2 weeks after losing maisie i contacted a local pet rescue who had tinker, soon to become daisy, a black and white dsh female. they told me to go see her and let them know. she had been abandoned by her 'owners' when they left her undiscovered in a filthy flat for 6 weeks. of course i took her home with me and whilst her and sinbad never had the closeness he had with his sister, he was happy to have feline company again.

this kind of thing has happened since and i hold the faith that we are destined to be with our furry friends.

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i am so sorry to hear this, and it is so much harder to come to terms with when it comes unexpected, but at least you know she is free from her suffering now, and probably did do it to spare you that decision. There is no right and wrong time for getting a new furbabe, when i lost my first cat, I went to the rescue the day after, as the house was just too empty and quiet. RIP little one
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Condolences on your sad loss of Sadie. Somehow, they sometimes know when it is time to go, although reading of the passing of such a young cat, not even totally adult, sometimes, at only 3yrs, seems especially hard - such a sad loss of a sweet future together. I know that you loved her enough to see her go, because it meant that she would be in a better place, pain-free and happy; I think it would be a great comfort to her to see you with another kitty or two, to fill the cat-sized hole in your heart. RIP, Sadie
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if i hadn't had Cable already when Mouse died, i'd've gotten a new cat right away, for Pixel's sake. i think God brought Cable to us that fall because He knew Mouse would be leaving. Pixel & Mouse were littermates, & had never spent a night apart until Mouse took ill. you'll feel Sadie pushing you when it's time.
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Im so sorry!! Thats terrible that Sadie has passed!!

RIP Sweet Sadie, your meowmy misses you so much, and loves you dearly, be at peace crossing the bridge, and wait for your meowmy there...
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