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Favourite songs

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What is your favourite song at the moment?

My favourite song at the moment. is "You Freak Me Out" by Girl's Aloud.
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"Unforgiven II" by Metallica
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American Girl - by Carrie Underwood
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
American Girl - by Carrie Underwood
OOO! LOVE that song!

I also love Taylor Swift's first CD. It's fantastic.

I dont have only one fav song at the moment. Some of my other favorites are:

International Harvester - Craig Morgan
Laughed Until We Cried - Jason Aldean
Tattoo - Jordin Sparks
So Small - Carrie Underwood
Livin Our Love Song -Jason Michael Carroll
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Right now I can't stop listening to Morning Theft by Jeff Buckley and Shadowboxer by Fiona Apple
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The trance version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
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I really like Thrash Unreal by Against Me!
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"Anything but Ordinary" By Avril
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I love Jeff Buckley.. but I haven't been listening to him much lately.

At the moment I like - Yer Ropes by Giant Sand and I'm Bruce by Fantastic Plastic Machine
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My favorite song has almost always been "Faithfully" by Journey. But I generally have one or two other favorites that change weekly!
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"Ordinary World" by Duran Duran...
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Originally Posted by zao_cat View Post
I really like Thrash Unreal by Against Me!
Oh me too! I love that song!!
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30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday
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