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My cat, Luke, loves to play fetch. When he wants to play he'll drop his mouse at my feet and meow at me. I throw his mouse and he brings it back. If he's in the mood, he'll will sometimes even want me to throw it in the air so he can jump and catch it midair. I don't know how he learned to play fetch cuz I didn't teach him. One day he just started doing it and has ever since then.
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you have got to get a picture of him in the air!
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Faile likes to play Chase, she hasn't gotten the concept of Fetch yet. Usually, all of her toys are at the bottom of the stairs. I go down and throw them back up. She runs after one, runs back down the stairs, I throw the next, she runs and comes back. She loves it.

She doesn't do any midair catches, either. That sounds really funny. I bet Luke looks cute when he catches his mouse.
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I'll try to get a picture of him jumping in the air. I've never had a cat that does that before. He's built so differently than the other cats I have though. He's very long, slender, and muscular. That's probably why he likes to jump in the air.
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Trent used to play Fetch, but now only likes Catch like Faile. I think that's hubby's fault, though. I would always ask Trent "did you bring it back?" and then he'd drop the mouse or ball by me for me to throw. Hubby would go gather up all the balls he could find and just keep throwing them for Trent, instead of having him bring it back. So now he just likes us to throw things for him to chase.
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Cooper catches mid-air too!!!.....

I've tried to take a picture, but she's too fast (or I'm too slow!!)
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Yeah mine does the samething. Loves to fetch specially his toy grey mouse. He has this thing about grey mice for some reason. You think they are from the same family? heee In our case we just throw the mouse up the stairs or on the kitchen floor and he'll run and use his paws to kick it back down. If he's not feeling to lazy he'll bring it back to me. Hubby loves to play soccer with him well in his case it's mouse soccer. LOL It's a good way for both to get exercise that's for sure!

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None of our cats play fetch, but Shelly will do backflips when playing with one of the wand toys we have. And he's great at catching - he almost always catches stuff we through at him or past him while the object is still in mid-air.

Lazlo's too funny, though. He only really likes to dig things out of places - so if you throw something, he watches it go by and looks at it for a minute after it lands with an expression of "...and?..." LOL! (However, if we manage to throw it under something, he's after it in a flash! )
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