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Even though I'm a boring traditionalist, I read the lyrics, and listened, and think it's a lovely song!

I don't see anything in the lyrics that would offend anyone. I'm thinking perhaps just use the instrumental version; in your wedding programs, you an cite the song title (and even perhaps print the lyrics, if it's that important).

Heck, when one of my brothers got married, circa 1980, they got married in her parents' backyard (which sounds far grander than it really was). They had a tape player playing, "Once, twice, three times a lady" as the bridal march! (And the now EX-bride turned out NOT to live up to the song, sadly.) I have to admit, and don't wish to offend anyone who likes the song, I thought the song was tacky for that part of the wedding. I've always felt that if you have to try to PROVE that you're a lady, you've answered your own question (in the negative)! I do, however, think my B chose it, meaning well, as he was so much in love with her.