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New friend for our sick older cat

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We lost one of our cats about two months ago. He was 16. We were thinking of getting a friend for our other cat (he is also 16). My wife fell in love with a female cat she saw at a rescue. So we started the adoption process. Well, the next day I saw that my cat was bleeding a little from his mouth. I took him to the Vet thinking it was his teeth. Not the case. He has a growth on his jaw. We then went to a specialist; but decided not to have a biopsy. Why put him through it. We asked the specialist to be frank and honest. He said that it probably is cancer.

So, our little buddy may or may not be around much longer. But he's fine now. My wife (and I) keep thinking about the cat at the rescue.

So...would it be fair to bring home another cat to an older cat that may be dying? Would it cheer him up? Would it annoy him? I know some people want to be alone when sick or dying. Some want company.

Anyone have experience with this situation?

Thanks..sorry for ramblin'...
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Honestly I would NOT bring home another cat right now. Enjoy the last bit of time with your own cat first and then get another cat. I would let your old kitty be an only cat for now.
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With the older cat being sick and not feeling well, I think its unwise to adopt another cat right now. Hopefully your cat will get better soon and not suffer.

I would wait for adoption - it will be too much stress on the older cat to bring in another cat/kitten.
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If you wouldn't want to have a biopsy because you didn't want to put him through it, getting a new cat would be ten times worse. A biopsy is a one time thing, and he feels better in a few hours. A new cat is a new cat 24 hours, and he'll feel like he's being replaced -- which he would be, since you're looking to replace them!

You could talk with the rescue to see if they'll hold the cat; of course, if you hold the other cat, it's likely your guy will sense it and then stick around much longer ;D
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Thank you for the replies. They are what I expexted; and how I feel. I guess I was hoping for someone to tell me that they did this and the older sick cat got along with the new cat...and was happy to have the company in his last months or year. But that's not realistic....

thanks again
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I don't think it's a good idea either but if you really are attached to the cat you saw in the shelter it could work if you have a completely seperate area of the house it could stay in. Not just a bedroom, but something like a heated basement. Then again, I don't know if your resident cat would pick up on the scent of the other cat on you and be stressed out from that.

Probably better to just allow your cat some space while he is sick.

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I have a almost 16 year old sick Cat and got a new Kitten in Nov. It has worked out great. Coco lets the Kitten know when to stop bugging and she let her Nurse off her which I stopped. She licks her and Meows nice to her. I had her in the Carrier at first then the Bathroom. Coco took to her fast. It depends on teh Cat though.
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I would say yes if he misses the other cat a lot and grieves for him.
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Thread Starter some posts in favor of getting the new cat...I guess that's why these forums exist...Get advice from all angles...thanks again
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If he was used to another cat's company it might not be too bad to get another. I don't know if I'd get a kitten though b/c that may stress him out if he's sick. Maybe a chill adult would work....

The only experience I had w/ this was when my cousin went to live w/ my mom. My mom has a 15 or 16 yr old cat - relatively healthy, and my cousin had a kitten. They kept the two separated for weeks though before introducing them. When they were introduced, they got along. Frisky (the older one) would tell Salem to back off and since Salem was a little scaredy for a kitten, he wouldn't really bother her.

Though, when Frisks has met my kitten Shermie, it's been different. Shermie is a very gregarious, high-energy, friendly, playful kitten (and getting big) so she gets annoyed at him but i don't think he understands LOL.
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If your cat is in mourning it may be ok to adopt a companion.

I swear Berach was completely healthy until Chloe died and then he literally got so sick over the following two days that he had to be put to sleep.
They just couldn't be without each other...

alot of shelters will allow you to bring your cat in to meet the one you're interested in adopting. you can try that and then take it from there...
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