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I have a 17 year old niece. I stopped buying her clothing, jewelry, etc. along time ago. I know that takes the surprise out of it for the receiver, but she is much happier making her own choices.

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Ehhh...I give my sister a gift card just because at 38 she's still difficult .
Haha... you have one of those, too, huh?
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I like the idea of taking her out to shop -- you could give her a certificate for a "Mom & Daughter Shopping Extravaganza" complete with lunch at her favorite place, maybe a manicure... just a big day of fun together. That way it's not just money, y'know?

Or maybe you could take her to GlamourShots. If I were a cute 17-year-old, I'd LOVE that!
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My Daughter is very happy to have the money, she also got money from her Aunt . On Saturday we are going shopping, . Thanks everybody,
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Nothing rude about giving money at all. My sons love nothing more then getting cash for birthdays and Xmas so they can buy what they want.
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