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Post-neutering, and worse than before

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I adopted Pepper about 4 months ago as a stray. He's approximately 3 years old, 10-12 lb, and used to have an extremely sweet disposition. He was the most affectionate, social cat I'd ever seen. We got him neutered 4 days ago in hopes of dispelling the sexual behavior he would often display. It hasn't stopped. He still gets "excited," particularly when "making biscuits" on a blanket, and is very cranky (especially when excited) and stand offish. I read that some males who have reached puberty and are mature may still be attracted to females (he is an apartment cat with no contact with any other cats) after being neutered. I'm concerned about his mental health. He now seems extremely unhappy and still has that one track mind.
Any suggestions??
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It takes about a month for the hormones to get out of his system. Give him some time yet.

An example: I fostered a dog who had extreme marking issues. He was neutered & a week later I took him home to foster. I had him 4 weeks. Over those weeks, I noticed as time went on his desire to mark everything got less & less.
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Thanks for the reply. I've considered that, because of course the testosterone hasn't just vanished, and I hope that that is the case. I've read previous threads about fixed cats who still display this behavior, and I guess it's something I could overlook.... what bothers me is the COUNTLESS times a day he does this and how his personality does a 180. If you go to pet him, move him, etc., he meows loudly (understatement: I should call it a squawk) and seems very confrontational and, well, pissed off. I just miss my sweetheart of a kitty and want to get him back to his loving, affectionate behavior. Minus all the
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It takes approximately a month before the male hormones are out of his system, so if he's been done a few days ago, you still have awhile to wait. And if he's bred cats, he may never loose the "mentality" of tom and continuing to get excited. As long as he doesn't do the spraying part, you are ok.

I honestly think that its not just hormones that cause the reaction. Charlie was neutered at 3 months old - well before any hormones hit; however he still will get excited at times when he's making bread on my stomach, etc. I thought it was a little weird but apparently they still KNOW they are a male and sometimes will get excited
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Thanks, both of you. I'm already feeling better. He's been acting more like himself the past 36 hours -- affectionate, attentive, and delivering a steady supply of "headbumps," or when he walks up our chests and bumps or rubs his face against ours. I've braced myself to deal with what comes with having a male cat who knows he's male, so long as he remains happy and sweet-natured. He's also played more with his toys and my boyfriend (his BFF ) the past couple nights than he ever has... maybe he's expanding his one-track mind after all!
Oh, and as far as possibly having "bred cats before," I expect that there's quite a few little illegitimate Peppers running around somewhere... we suspect that he RAN the streets before we got him, if you know what I mean.
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Glad he's starting to "settle down"! Now he can run your household instead of the streets!
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When a human male is "neutered", they are tested for 60 days after surgery. This isn't something that clears up over night. Hang in there!!
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Pepper sounds like such a cutie.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Glad he's starting to "settle down"! Now he can run your household instead of the streets!
HeHe that's cute!
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