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I took my 4 year old to preschool, as I was leaving a woman came in the door, she stop and says OH MY GOD MARIANNE, I looked up it was my grade 1 teacher. That was 41 years ago, I left the that town 37 years ago. I remembered her too. unfortunately she was in a hurray so I didn't get to talk to her very long, She might be back in my town next week, so hopefully then I will have more time to speak to her, now I am wondering does she remember me because I was good or rotten
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Mine would all remember me for being rotten.

That's funny she remembers you from so long ago!
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That is great how she still remembered you
I always wonder if any of my old teachers would remember me...
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Wow, what a memory she's got!! That's wierd and funky all at the same time!
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my retired kindergarten teacher sill knows my name, my brother and my parents. She actually attends the same gym as me and looks exactly the same but i'm sure she's in her early 70's now. That was 25 years ago. She's still my all time favorite teacher.
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