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New the world of Two Cats (oh and this forum...lol) questions inside

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Hello Everyone. I brought a new cat in my home last night, and needless to say, I have a couple questions.

I've been looking for some information about the best way to introduce these cats. For the record, they have met. The new kitten seems very willing to hang out with my 6 year old cuffy. Cuffy on the other hand is not happy about her new freind at all. But I really thought the first night would be alot worse. Cuffy is defelnelty uncomfortable with this situation, but there has been no blatent fights, just hissing on cuffy's part.

Any suggestions at all about where to go from here.

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Welcome to the site Stephan!

I'm going to move this to the Behavior Forum where our experts can give you some help. Introductions are a very commonly asked question around here.
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Here is what I think is the best way to introduce a new cat into the home:

Introducing a New Cat

First, put the new kitty in her own room. She will need to stay there for a couple of weeks, so make sure it is comfortable for her with litter box, water, and food. This will allow your old cat to get used to the sounds and smells of a new cat without having her territory invaded.

After a couple of days, start trading scents between the cats. Rub the new cat (especially around the cheeks) with a slightly damp towel and then go rub the old cat with the same towel (and vice versa. This way she will associate the scent of the new cat with good things (being rubbed and getting attention). Do this several times daily.

After one week, lock up your old cat and let the new cat out for the night or for a few hours. Do not yet allow the new and old cats to be together. Do this for one week.

By the end of week two, your old cat is going to be really curious about what is going on with the cat behind the door. You can try bringing the new cat out with the old cat for brief visits. As soon as the new cat comes out, give them some tuna or some other really yummy treat. This way they associate great things with the other cat. Put the new cat back in her room after a brief period of time. Make sure you keep any aggression from occurring (GENTLY toss a pillow at the aggressor).

Gradually increase the amount of time the cats are together. I recommend keeping new kitty in her room over night for at least a third week. When the cats are out together, make sure you give
lots of attention to the old cat so she knows that she is the top kitty.

Expect lots of hissing and perhaps a swat here and there. But...this should keep any real aggression from occurring. The hissing will stop once they establish their hierarchy and get used to each other.

Most importantly....have lots of patience and take things sloooooowly!
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Hey, thanks so much for responding. As you might expect from a rookie in this situation, The cats have met already. Is it too late to start all this over again?? Or am I better off just letting them get aquainted by themselves??

To be honest with you guys, I'm very worried about my older cat. I really want to make this as easy as possible for her. I'm defenelty giving her as much attention as possible, I'm even worried now Im negleting the new cat.

Thanks again for your help
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It is not too late to temporarily separate them However, if they have not yet had any screaming fights, they may be doing okay with the quick introduction. I would still do the towel rubbing and give treats and play with them together. The main idea is to pair the sight and scent of the new (and old) cat with pleasurable things so that they think happy thoughts whenever they see the other cat!
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I didn't keep mine apart for an entire two weeks, but I did keep new cat secluded at night, until resident cat asked to see her.

Once I had them together in supervised situations, which I increased from a couple of hours to an entire day, and I found that there was no more hissing, I trusted them to tolerate each other.

However, I made sure that they both had "safe" places to escape to when the interaction seemed overwhelming.

Oh, and another good bit of advice I got from this forum, was when you feed them together, make sure that the resident cat gets food before the new cat. And make sure that you fuss over the resident cat a lot, and I did this in front of the new cat just so she would realize that this was his house first.
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Is leaving them alone together a really bad idea????

This morning was great. They sniffed eachother twice. Came nose to nose, but the big cat started hissing again. But, I really beleive these two cats are going to get along. I left this morning with all doors open, but I think I'm going to go home and close the doors to seperate them.

By the way, on a seperater note about the new cat. Sometimes he really smells. Im not sure if he has bad gas, or his butt just stinks, but its killing me. I wont let him on the bed cause Im afradi fo the oder he might leave. Any suggesntions on this one at all??

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I kept them separated just to give Sam (the resident cat) a break. He was a little stressed out having the new little cat around, and when she was locked away, he could sleep and not get all worried about what she might be doing.
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Yeah. I could be totally wrong, and I know I'm on here to get help, but I think she's coming around just alittle bit. When we sleep, the new cat stays in the living room, and Cuffy sleeps with us. Last night I felt like she had a good sleep, and this morning she was her usuall perring self until we opend the door. The new cat (who we are still working on a name for by the way, came in, walked right up to cuffy, they smelled eachothers noses, and cuffy started hiccing again. But I thought It was an improvement. I dont know. I think cuffy kinda likes the cat, but she is a pain sometimes even with us before the new cat, so its kinda her personality anyway.

We'll see. I left them together today. Im actually going home right now to see how they are doing.

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Here is my 2 cents: I've integrated 4 cats into one household and one thing always stands out in my mind. Territory. Cuffy is probably more upset about sharing her turf than not liking your new kitty. She will adjust over time. Each time I've brought a new cat into my family, the resident cats always seem to hiss at the newcomer for a short period of time. Once your new kitty learns who's stuff is who's in the cat world everything will be fine.

One big piece of advice is to spend equal time with each cat. It helps to re-assure them that they are safe and everything is "OK" in your local cat world. You are a part of their world. You may not realize it, but each cat marks you as his or hers. So equal time is important.

my 2 cents
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