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New Kitten Introductions

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Hi! I'm new to the site but I've been referring to your forum for advice for a while. Now I need some reassurace. My boyfriend and I adopted a kitten in October 07, she is now about 6 months old and has been spayed, her name is Kala. She was very shy and took about a month to adjust to her new home. But after that she became very sweet and playful and attached to me in particular. We always planned to adopt another so they could keep each other compamy during the day when we're at work. So we just brought home a new boy kitten who is 10 weeks old, he has not been neutered yet, his name is Gus. We set him up in the spare bedroom with all his things. He is a very active little guy and very loving. My boyfriend slept in the spare room with him for the last 2 nights.

As soon as Kala figured out there was another animal in that room she stood outside and hissed and growled. I expected her to be upset from everything I read on this site. The first night she banged on the door to Gus's room a couple times and was generally upset and growling almost constantly. She didn't sleep with me like she normally does and even lashed out at me a couple times. I expect this is pretty normal but I was sad!

We kept Gus in the spare room all day yesterday while we were at work but when we got home he was really energetic and was howling and wanted out of the room to see the rest of the house. So we decided to let him out for a little bit. As expected Kala was really upset, growling and hissing. Gus had a great time playing with all her toys and didn't really mind her. A few times Kala got really pissed especially when Gus got close to her and she swatted and him and generally wanted to fight at which point one or the other would run away. Eventually Kala got really pissed and I had to put Gus back in his room to calm things down. After Gus had been in his room for a while Kala wanted to play with me and even sat in my lap for a nap. I played a little bit with Gus in his room and my boyfriend slept in there with him last night. This morning, I rubbed Gus with a blanket and left it where Kala sleeps during the day, they are separated again today.

I know these things take a long time and it's only been 2 days! It just seems like Kala really wants to hurt Gus, she's not just playing around. And I thought since Kala is pretty young herself that her resistance to another kitten wouldn't be so strong. Did I let them see each other too soon? I guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance. Does anyone have stories of a really rough introduction that turned out great? The only reason I wanted to get another cat was so Kala wouldn't be lonely. Now I feel bad that the Kala I knew is upset and I hope she can be her sweet self again. Thanks for your advice!
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It's all very normal, and she's just defending her territory - par for the course. Don't worry so much, do give it more time, don't let them be together unless supervised - not to constantly separate them, or tell them off, etc. (it won't work anyhow), but to intervene just in case things really do get out of hand - i.e. one of them draws blood, or chunks of fur, etc. Otherwise chill out, they'll work it out (hopefully :0)!
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I know it's really hard, but it will get better! I went through this about 2 months ago with my older cat (who is about 1) and my kitten (who is now 5 months old).

Keep Gus seperated in his room for another week and try feeding them on both sides of the door (with the door shut). The hissing is VERY normal, they will have to work out the hierarchy between them (and the kitten will have to learn the ropes). To kind of ease the tension for now for Kala, you can buy a Feliway diffuser and try using that. Continue to give her lots of love and attention.

I think it's really cute that your boyfriend slept in the room with Gus

It really just takes time. They are both so young, I'm sure they will be playing together sooner rather than later.
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It's early days yet. I know how difficult it is to wait for your kitties to get along.

The having meals on each side of the door so they associate each other with a positive experience helps. My SO and I also played with a cat on each side of the door so that they could stop thinking about the other even though they were really close.

I would say wait a few more days before letting the newbie wander around. Also, try putting your resident cat in the kitten's room while he's exploring.

Just make sure you're giving your first kitty all the love in the world. Try to make sure extra love, playtime and treats are given. She just needs to know that she's not threatened by this newcomer.
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