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Sign at the vet's office

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I am sure that this has been done before; I just have not seen it before.
I also wish I had had a camera with me but I can relate the parking sign right outside the vet's office yesterday.

During office hours

M-F 8-6
Sat 8-12

Violators will be nuetered
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Thats great
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Thats a great sign! Violators will be neutered That is so cute
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LMAO! So funny..
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That is great!!
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I haven't seen that one before...that's great
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I love it!
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love it
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that is hilarious
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That is great!!!!!
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So funny!! Ours should do that - it'd get a lot of people to unconsciously "warm up" to the office and the no parking during the hours idea.
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ohh that is too funny
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That is very funny!!!
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LOL. That's a good one!
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Heheheheh that's a good one!! The best one I ever saw in the UK was on a scrap yard with guard dogs..... it read:


trespassers will be persecuted!"
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Good one!
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Oh that's hysterical!!!!

I want to put that in my yard where my neighbor's daughter keeps pulling up! DH went over the other day and asked that she not do that, but the sign might have gotten the point across earlier. (Why someone would think it's OK to park in a neighbor's yard is beyond me! My company parks in the street, why couldn't she????)
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I've never seen that one!
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