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old cat constipation

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I have an old cat that has a problem with constipation. I have a hard time making her eat hairball remedy.
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Originally Posted by jenks View Post
I have an old cat that has a problem with constipation. I have a hard time making her eat hairball remedy.
I have seen pumpkin recommended many times on here so I tried it on my kitty and it worked for me.
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My kitts won't eat the hairball paste on it's own so i smear about 1" of it on their front paws, but rub it in their fur well otherwise when they shake their paws it goes everywhere

Like Lee said pumpkins good as well.
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My 11 year old cat had the same problem about a year ago. It got so bad he was impacted, the vet had to do surgery to get it all out of his intestine. He wouldn't touch the pumpkin even mixed with his food. The vet can try an enema.

I currently use a fiber tablet that I purchased from 1800petmeds. It's called Petromalt Fiber capsules. It's only about $5.00 a bottle. Just open the caplet and sprinkle it in the food.
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My old Cat has the same problem and cries when she goes. IsPumpkin ok for a Cat with Bladder Infections?
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Has the kitty had a senior panel in the last 6 months.>>???

I used pumkin with a UTI kitty ... but to be safe ask your vet ...
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what is a senior panel
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blood work that covers organ function is older animals
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I will ask the Vet about the Pumpkin
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I will ask the Vet about the Pumpkin
Make sure it is pure pumpkin; NOT pumpkin pie filling.
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Dont laugh I have 2 pumpkins from Halloween still that have not been used.
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I used pumpkin from a can but it didn't work for Buster. Buster suffers from severe constipation and I have to administer *3* medications daily to help him go poop.
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I have an 11 yr old that gets constipated approx every 2 months... he cries when trying to go. What I do is give him hairball paste and if by the time I come back from work I see no change, then i give him 3-4ml of Parafin Oil with a syringe. He hates it but it does help. This I got from the vet and it works wonders.
I never heard about pumpkin before.. i need to go and look if there are any at the market.. we do not have canned for sure.. I will try cooking a little for him, sounds tastier than the oil
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Ive heard of the pumpkin too! I Hope it works well!

normally after 7 y/o they need a senior panel to make sure that all the organs are still doing their jobs! Its good to know, and isn't too expensive!
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My cat Rascal was having constipation problems in his old age. The vet recommended that I add psyllium husk powder to his food. I was able to get a (big) jar of it at a GNC store. It worked well. His feces were soft but formed and a little bit rubbery.
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Harvey had constipation problems, too, and Tailer's starting to have them occasionally. Neither one of them will eat the hairball remedy willingly either. (It figures that Forest is the only one who will take it willingly, and he doesn't have any problems with that. ) Neither one of them would eat the pumpkin, either.

My vet taught me to put the hairball goop on my finger, then to swipe my finger on the roof of their mouth. They don't like it, but it gets it over with quickly and is less messy and less stressful than wiping it on their fur (which most cats HATE, and which Tailer's figured out how to wipe off on the furniture).

A tiny bit of canola oil in their food can help loosen things up a bit, too.
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When Kolohe (age 10) was constipated last August I tried pumpkin and hairball meds. He refused both. I finally read about Slippery Elm powder and tried it. It worked. I bought the capsules and now add a little to his food every two-three days. Just cut the capsules open and mix the powder with the wet food. He's had a problem only once since then and some extra Slippery Elm cleared it up quickly.

Good luck finding something that works for your kitty.
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I tried pumkin and it seems to work, she even eats it on her own. Thanks
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I can not give my cat Pumpkin because the vet said no because her Bladder Infections she gets. She told me to try the hairball stuff.
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