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stressed owner!

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Slowly but surely everything is coming together.
Moving to Australia is a big thing and nerve wrecking!
Next week Teufel and Kaylee will begin the process of vaccinations at the vet.
Teufel will also be microchipped.

They wont be able to fly with us to Australia as they have to go into Cargo. and then Quarantine for 30 days. At least i can visit them everyday, monday to friday!
i wont be able to see them for 2 weeks as we will be on holidays, but to be honest i dont think i will enjoy it! I will be constantly thinking of them everyday!!!

have any of you had to move the cats by plane?? if so how was it for you?? and how was it for the cats afterwards?
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I've never had to move my cats any further than across town. I'm sure you'll be missing them terribly by the time they are aout of quarentine. for a smooth move for you all!
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Fran - don't despair.

I took Peedoodle and Kahu all the way from the US to NZ and they were quarantined for a month. Like you, we were able to visit them.

The cats coped well in the quarantine facility - the staff in their quarantine were really nice and friendly. I don't know if it is the same for Australia, but in NZ, we had to wear shoe covers, so not to take any possible contaminants from the cats to our soil.

The cats WILL be okay, they will get over their isolation - will they be together in their room or in separate rooms? Peedoodle and Kahu were lucky enough to be allowed in the same room.

The quarantine facility had a vet on site so if any problems cropped up, they were seen immediately.

The cats are just fine now, hopefully they forgot their period of isolation!

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have any of you had to move the cats by plane?? if so how was it for you?? and how was it for the cats afterwards?

I moved from Fla. to AZ last year and I was amazed at how differently airlines handled this situation. My reservations were made by someone who donated my ticket for me and my Angel to move. I couldn't afford a ticket for her, so another "friend" kinda souped up a Service Animal ID for her. The carrier I brought with me had been donated to me and was innapropriate and unacceptable to the airline, so the man who brought me to the airport, God Bless Him!, bought me the appropriate soft sided size that would fit under my seat.

My Angel did outstanding on the trip which amazed me, cuz she was an old girl (like me) She never made a peep and I was able to keep her right beside me. I didn't feed her prior to the trip and limited fluids, as well.

The airline my reservation was sceduled on would not allow her on the flight because we did not have the appropriate paperwork from the vet and from my physician. Well, I had a fit! I was just a little 95 lb thing in a wheelchair with a HUGE old grey cat! I raised Holy Hell!!!!

I can't imagine what they thought they were going to do with us...I was NOT in very good physical condition and had a few of my Cataplexy attacks during all of this! We were a sight!

(I have a neurological condition- Sleep Disorder)

Anyway, the powers that be, found another airline that would accept her, and because she was my support cat, made sure she could fly with me. All in all, it was pure Divine Intervention that worked it all out! Oh, and by the way...the new flight was a non-stop, while my original flight had a 3 hour overlay in Denver! That would have been so difficult for me!

After we arrived, Angel did very well...I guess as long as she was with me she was fine...Bless her heart. Little did either one of know was in store for us... :-(

Anyway, I don't know how any of this can help you...if at all. It sure did me a lot of good to vent..it seems lately some old wounds are opening up and I'm feeling a lot of sadness and grieving for my Angel.
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My 3 only flew from Vic to SA, but they were just fine.

I know quite a few breeders who've imported from the UK, those cats were fine too. From what I know the quarentine facilities are good.
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Good luck with your move and the isolation procedure. Hope all turns out ok with little stress.
We are planning on a move from Ohio to California towards the end of this year but we will be driving a moving truck and our own vehicle for the trip. Has anyone ever driven with their kittys this far and how was that trip... any advice for that one too? Squishy will of course be in the front seat with meowmy but still worry bout how she is gonna deal with the long ride.
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the vet paperwork has to start 6 months prior to departure. no airline will allow pets on board they have to go in cargo. we wont be able to see them for about two weeks as we will be travelling. its just so nerve wrecking
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