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i think she's bored

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<sigh> I think my BF's kitty - Marx - is bored. When we get back to his apartment, she'll just meow and meow and meow and originally we thought it was because she was hungry, but even if we feed her again (she's getting a big piggy ) she just meows at us. If I pet her, she stops, but what else could I be doing?

Is she bored? She has TONS of toys, and we play all the time, so I dunno what is going on?

Does anyone have any ideas for me?


vasha :daisy:
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If this is a new behavior you would serve her well to suggest a trip to the vet's office. If it is ongoing, then I would suggest you buy her a cat post, or a cat perch where she can look out of the window and amuse herself. I would do interactive play with her at the same time every day so she knows she can plan on her humans being there for her. A cat can have a lot of toys, but does she play with them or does she toss them aside? I have on kitten that the only thing she will play with are jar lids and bottle caps. I have another kitty I got some toys from catnipetc (you can see their logo on our kitty postcard page here)

catnipetc and my one biggest male is totally occupied with the new honeysuckle toys!

While your bf's cat is meowing, I would not pay attention to the cat until it is silent.Then pet, pet, pet....

Good luck!
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Thanks for the quick reply!! The meowing is something Marx has done since we've gotten her, so I dont think it is a physical ailment.

She plays and plays and PLAYS with her toys. She has these crinkle balls that she loves and just swats them around all day on the hardwood floors. She and I play together as well.

Now, I'm a dog person, who is learning about cats, - do they get along well in pairs or would getting another cat for her to play with be fruitless?

thanks again!
vasha :daisy:
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When left to their own devices, cats actually live in colonies! So it is a myth that they are solitary creatures.

Your kitty would likely enjoy having a younger buddy to play with. If you decide to adopt a second cat, please make sure you do introductions the right way.

Let us know if you are going to adopt and we will fill you in on how to almost guarantee that they will become friends.
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Well, I think that two kitties would be great - but BF doesn't, so no new cats for a while

How exactly do cat's play together? I've watched my dogs and I dont think I'd ever see two cats wrestle and play tug like the pups do

thanks again for the great advice!

vasha :daisy:
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They chase each other and wrestle and do all kinds of crazy stuff. It is a real hoot to watch two cats play!
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Mine like to stalk each other and pounce right next to the other, which of course scares the heck out of the one who was just sitting there minding his/her own business. :laughing2: They also play king of the mountain on the cat tree, Peek where they will be on different levels of the tree and try to sneak a bap on the head on the other and duck down/jump up so the other can't bap back (we call it Peek because they will peek up/down at the other to see where they are and if they can get a bap in!), and of course chase each other around and wrestle. You will never laugh as hard as when you watch two cats playing together!
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One of our cats is a meower. She just likes to talk to us. She'll get up in the morning and just talk and talk. Our other one only meows when he wants something.
We just added our second one a month or so ago and they have a good time together. But our first one changed after we got the 2nd one. She's not as playful with us as she was and she's just more serious. I miss her playfulness. Our new one became the leader, so maybe she's just a little depressed from getting knocked down a notch. Enya took the head position when she was the only cat with our dog and our dog was a definate alpha dog. Funny how it works out.
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Hi, Vasha. This may sound like a strange question, but do you talk to your cat when she meows? I have long "conversations" with ours. Jamie will meow and meow at my husband until he gets an answer (maybe I should try it ).
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