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miscarriage :[

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My foster Nanna miscarried today after 4-5 weeks, there were 5 or 6 kittens and we rushed her to the vet, she's there over night for observation and spaying but they said she'll pull through. I'm quite upset, we were all excited for kittens. I've called the shelter and told them to put in papers for Nanna to go from foster to adopted. She is my sweetheart.

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I'm so sorry. RIP little ones.

I'm happy that Nanna is getting her forever home though.
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I have other kitties up there to watch over them!

I had pretty much decided she was my new kittybaby but this closed the book on her "no home" issue...

I feel so sad for her, she was practically screaming when she was losing them and I was crying, it was terrible.
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Poor baby. I cannot imagine how afraid and traumatized both of you must have been. I am sending vibes, prayers, and many healing powers. I am so sorry she has been through the loss of her babies but now she has a loving home. Bless you for taking in this poor, hurt little soul. You are truly a kitty angel.
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Thank you so much, we'll take all the love, kindness, and prayers we can get. I hate not having her sleeping with me tonight... I just imagine how terrified she is at the vets office without her babies and her momma
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I am sorry for the loss of the precious babies.

It's wonderful that you can keep Nanna and give her a good home...

PURRS for Nanna
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Awww sorry about the loss, but hope she pulls thru fine. How old was she?
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I'm so sorry for the loss, but at least you were there for her - and now she has a loving forever home. Hope your recoveries goes well (both of you!)
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I am really sorry... my guinea pig miscarried and it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. RIP little kittys...
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She's between 1-2 years old.

She's home with me now, not feeling well and very tired.
I don't blame her though.... I know she misses the babies, she cries randomly like calling for them
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Boy Nanna. I am sorry for her loss.
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