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Poor Pepper!

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So Pepper got spaid yesterday... Now she has to wear one of those cone things around her head for 10 days! She's so pathetic! She keeps knocking it into everything and getting it really messy in her food! I think I'm more excited about when she can take it off than she is because that'll mean I can stop following her around with a towel...
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Awww, poor thing. It's for the best though!
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aww! the poor sweety! when my kitty's were done, they never wore a cone. they didn't even ask me about them either
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Poor Pepper. My Border Collie had to wear one years ago after having a cyst removed from her back. She learned to lift it whenever she walked around things so it wouldn't bang.
Blossom, my kitty, didn't wear one. She pulled out a stitch on day 3. I bought one just in case, but didn't use it as she didn't worry her wound again.
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