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Colony area being destroyed, suggestions?

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I hope I can convey this breifly without being confusing. I am new to rescue and TNR, started this past fall. Hoping someone with experience can guide me.

The land on which colony is located is being developed.

Already posted notices in vet offices, local adds, feed stores, etc. for barn cats. No luck. This is a growing area.

We have already rescued one small colony and adopted out the kittens after socializing and the older cats are adjusting in out homes. I even built a small cat enclosure, but cannot house 20 cats that need a place.

City has plans next year for a "no kill" shelter. We cannot get an answer as to who is in charge of this project.

The land for the new shelter has an empty warehouse that is sometimes used by our one-person animal control. (get impression she does not like ferals)

We would like to move cats to the new shelter site and use the warehouse to acclimate them to area then release in wooded area (with proper housing and food).

We have contacted the city to try and find who is in charge of project. Waiting.

Interesting, the two local vets on the shelter board of directors will not care for ferals. Were told that these vets opinion is that local ferals should be placed with barns.

I asked a contact person for who is in charge, no direct answer.

I also asked if there were plans to care for the "unadoptable". No direct answer, only take to a barn.

A worry because of this response is that any "unadoptable" will be taken to the next county "kill shelter" to be euthanized. Only a guess on our part.

Sorry for being long. Can anyone throw some thoughts or ideas my way?
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Sad situation. Are there any private citizens with land who MIGHT let you do this? I have similar fears about my colony, but I've also got a feedstore/greenhouse area that they can go to in need.

Lots of development so I may be seeing more cats and other animals
coming in to my colony.

I suggest that you try the private citizen approach - you can have the cats in an enclosure, caged temporarily. Not great, but better than the alternatives.

I would also suggest contacting Animals's Best Friends Society about this.
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Thanks, I will start asking around and see what I can find. We are not close to any rural land, but asking around may turn up someone.

This colony is on a small wooded area in the middle of the city. A strip mall will be going up. Sad to see them go.

Oddly, I never owned a cat until I found this sick cat and started TNR of several colonies in the city.

Thanks for the advice. We will keep trying.
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