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ointment for scratches on cat

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Ed and Coco play pretty rough and she has a tendency to scratch him. He has some pretty bad scratches below his ears (where the hair gets thin and wirey). A vet's assistant told me once that you can use neosporin or something like it on them as long at they don't lick at it. Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks!
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Neosporin is relatively harmless to use on a cat's skin, but use in sparingly. Don't glop it on. It is the lidocaine that they use in it that if ingested may cause seizures.
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thanks for the info! i will try to put just a little on him at a time. now if i can just get ed to quit pounding on her and coco to quit whaling the tar out of him!
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Do you trim their claws? I do it with our youngsters since they play rough and haven't seen any scratches for a while.
I've used calendula gel or grapefruit seed extract (diluted) on their scrapes.
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There are 2 kinds of Neosporin. One has Lidocaine and the other is with out. If you are not sure which one has it and which doesn't, the one with Lidocaine says 'Neosporin + pain reliever". If it just says Neosporin, then it's plain. Just thought I'd let you know about that...
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Shell - thanks for that tip! I have the w/ pain reliever type. It's Equate, which I'm guessing makes no difference. I will grab some without pain reliever tomorrow.
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I've been using Vitamin E oil for that purpose, with no problems thus far. Before doing so, I searched the web and couldn't find anything that suggested it would be harmful to cats, but if anyone knows differently, please let me know!
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