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New Toy!

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Wheee! Kitties got a new toy! Since their other feather stick was basically torn to little feather stubs, we got a new one with a 3' long stretchy velvet material and a detachable feather clump at the end. They love it! Tiger actually gets all four paws off the floor!
And of course we got Tiger another jingly ball. He's so possessive over it! He'll carry it around in his mouth and growl at Angel if she gets too close to it. Now I'm wondering where in the world are the other 4 balls he's had?! He loves those plastic jingly balls so much! He doesn't like the rubber jingly ones or the felt covered plastic ones though. Anything he can carry in his mouth and jingles, lol!
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That's cute! It's always fun when you get them new toys that are a big hit!!
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Originally Posted by RaggieKitty View Post
That's cute! It's always fun when you get them new toys that are a big hit!!
yeh, i agree hehe
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That is great that you got your cats a new cat toy, its even better that they love it so much!!
Its so cute how Tiger is possessive about his toys, how he carries it in his mouth &
growls at the other cats if they get to close to HIS toy
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lol pretty cute..although I've tried several toys with mine...
my little boy used to like his jingle ball...(would drive me nuts at 2 am )...
but now he's just playing with a bottle cap..and occasionally a mouse...
my little girl...
likes to play with some yarn (only if I dangle it for her)..
and to chase the laser light...
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Oh..what a cute scenario you painted. I am sure Tiger looks really adorable carrying a jingle ball around he house and making lots of jingle noise!

I love to splurge on toys for my kitty and the initial amazement and excitement look on her face for a new toy is totally cuteness overload. I just got a new Activity Cube for Lucy Belle and already, she is all over it.
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