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Wierd growth on Mickey's paw

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When I was clipping his claws last night I noticed this wierd pointy growth on the tip of one of his pads. I thought it was something stuck in his pad so I gently pulled and he cried out. He cries every time I pull on it. Also, its split down the middle like a split claw. I tried pulling it apart a bit to see inside but that hurts him too. I thought at first it was something stuck in his paw but I dont think it is cuz its fleshy. The only thing I can think of is a wart. Anyone have any clue what im talking about?
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Does it look like any of these horned paw pads?

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Sebastian gets these - his look like the second set of photos in the link Cloud Shade posted above. They are not dangerous and can be clipped if they are long enough (or gently filed). I clip Seb's but am too chicken to clip too closely. They are like calouses - just dead, hardened skin.

Perhaps you could have your vet do it

Edit: Sebastian didn't always have these. He just developed them in the last couple of years. I'm not sure why.
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No it does not look like in the pic. It just looked like a callous or wart, and was black. I clipped it off last night. I just started by clipping off just the very tip to see if it would hurt him too much, and it seemed not to so I slowly started clippping a tiny bit off each time til it was at the bottom. Ill keep an eye on it to see if another gros or ge get them on other toes.
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Ok i only looked at the first set of pics, the second pic looks exactly where Mickey had it, but not the same color. And Bonnie, sounds exactly like what Mickey had. He also has a tiny circle on another pad that looks like another could grow there.
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IMO I'd have a vet look at it!
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My vet said it was dead pad material. He didn't elaborate more than that.

Maybe it is just some cats are more prone to these? I never clip too close the pad. Would feel like an evil person if I made him bleed.

I wonder why it develops though?
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Has he been declawed? We had a bad experience where Fox got declawed but they messed up and he had 1 claw bit growing back through his skin that caused him pain and trouble. We really learned a lesson from that.
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I would never declaw my kitties. So no, hes not. I dont know, it could be dead pad material, really looks like it. Didnt cause him any pain cutting it off.
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