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Bailey through the years......

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I had to share with you guys my kits when they were little....I'm such a proud mom, as all of us are.........

This is before even I met my baby boy.......Jerry had just picked him up running down the middle of some road.......he was a hungry little man

Jerry brought him home and we cleaned him up best we could.

He looked a little better, but still had a dirty face. Poor baby!

I had to keep him away from TT & P until we got him to a vet, so the poor guy spent his first few days in our basement........ He seemed happy enough though.

Biting Mommy's toe

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After he got his vet check, his cage was moved upstairs to where he was introduced to Tiggy and the crew. Tiggy's first reaction was a HUGE hiss!

Come back Tiggy, I want to play!

I saw the other kitties eating out of these bowls.....let me try it!

Love playing with Poppa's socks!

Where is that brother of mine!! EEK! That box just moved!

Petals kept her eye on him too!

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As he got older, he fit himself right in to the social ladder of the kitties and made himself right at home.

Now he's the very very handsome little man that my heart melts for everytime I see him.............thank you God for bringing little sweet Bailey into our lives.........

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Bailey is such a cute little darling! What a lucky boy he is to have you!!
Hes grown up to be very handsome : Make sure to share more photos of your precious boy
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Aww... look as cute little Bailey boo growing up. There's something about a wet kitten that makes me melt.
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I know what you mean.......I wish they didnt' hate baths so much!
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Oh what a handsome cat. It's great that things worked out for that poor little dirty kitten.
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Awwww, such a sweetie!!
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Wow!! I forgot how tiny he was when you brought him home! awww...what a little sweetie
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What an awesome thread! He has gotten so big!
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Wow, thank you for posting those! It's so neat to see the pictures of him as a baby and how he's grown up. He is so lucky to have found your family!
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Great pics and story, Susie!
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Thanks guys.....he's such a little peach!
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aww! so adorable
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